How to Avoid Balance Deduction and Wrong Recharge on your Mobile Number

Balance deduction and wrong recharge on mobile number remain the biggest issue for long thanks to promotional and special offers having tons of hidden terms & conditions from telecom operators. It feels very bad when someone loses money for wrong recharge and, even balance got deducted without any notice form respective operators. Things become nightmare when someone recharges some plan with consent but doesn't get proper services.

Balance deduction issue becomes a lucrative way to generate revenue from customers. Wrong recharge on mobile number becomes a new trend. In both the cases subscribers seldom get any money back.

Subscribers awareness on the matter will help to curb the ‘Balance deduction' processes. We have got thousands of comments on such cases and now time to be active and save hard-earned money.

We strongly recommend Jio, Why ?

When it comes to transparency in plans Jio stands strong.

Jio maintains ‘Single Plan for all circles' – basically Jio removed all types of hypocrisy that comes when same plan offers different benefits and pricing for different circles.

4G plans from Jio always offers unlimited free voice for life with each plan company offers – No annoying charge for Home/Roam/Toilet – No annoying charge for Day/night/morning

Data plans from Jio adapted simple framework – 1GB/day or 2GB/day afterwards unlimited at limited speed till end of day cycle.

Jio also offers some data plans that work when daily data exhausted which means users get some way to use internet at cheapest as possible without being a victim of balance deduction.

Jio speed drops day-by-day and that's another story.

Balance Deduction and Wrong recharge never be the issue for Jio and WHY

  • Jio always keep up single plan for all circles – People are not categorized here based on region
  • MyJio App always become the best Support for subscribers
  • MyJio app gives current plans in details (No hidden terms no balance deduction)
  • MyJio app shows current usage as well as remaining usage in real-time (No way to lose balance)
  • Voice always free in Jio – No annoying charge or rate cutter for life
  • Data plans are daily usage based and, subscriber get real-time usage in MyJio app
  • Any mistake in recharge got refunded and there is way to reserve plan in Queue so that subscriber can use it later (No waste of money at all)
  •  Rapid expansion of 4g network (No blank spot no service disruption)
  • Single 4G network – No network switching No Balance deduction for hidden terms and conditions
  • Jio holds no terms for services usage across Home/Roam circle (Unlimited talks across India)
  • Jio plans are unique, simple without any hidden terms or condition
  • Jio completely states terms under page of plans on its official website with all & ‘Clear details'
  • Jio offers wallet system : JioMoney which refunds money instantly if users made wrong recharge (You can't make wrong recharge in reality !)

Now subscribers using Jio as secondary Sim can simply follow steps below to

Stop Balance deduction or Wrong recharge on mobile number (Primary)

Fix 1: Keep eyes on activated services and plans on your number : Check USSD based support  for activated services or plans and turn them off instantly if anything goes wrong.

Fix 2: Avoid multiple recharge at same time : Contact operators before activating any extra plan on top of existing.

Fix 3: Avoid banner based ‘Offer activation' if your are fully not aware of plan terms.

Fix 4: Once you get info about new plan check CC for details or check web portal for more.

Fix 5: Check Operator website to check if offer comes online or not.

Fix 6: Download network app and check if offer is available there or not.

Fix 7: IVR or USSD based mobile offers are simply lucrative but be sure to check details before activate.

Fix 9:  Be sure to maintain balance above Rs 20 before leaving your mobile number off for long time or leaving country for some time.

Fix 10: After getting news of new plan, don't rush to outlet for recharge : Keep patience, check if plan is across circle.

Always choose superior network if same plans comes with all benefits  & services at reasonable pricing – This would not only save money but also save time that you might waste on arguing with Customer Care representatives.

Fix 11: Double check, triple check even check hundred times details of a plan before activating it on your mobile number.

Fix 12: Use valid proof for your mobile numbers.

Fix 13: Before activating ‘Night Pack' be sure to check time when pack gives special benefits.

Fix 14: Avoid data plans that offer special charge for using internet on different data network (2G, 3G, 4G).

Fix 15: Keep eyes on Minutes usage if your mobile plan offers limited number of free minutes for on-net, off-net calls.

Fix 16: Before porting a number to new network be sure to check device compatibility (In case of VoLTE), current offer for your circles, data speed and pricing of plans.

Fix 17: Don't run after Unlimited Mobile data plans > Use Broadband services for heavy usage and use small data packs for using internet on-the-go.

Fix 18:  Be sure to check services 10 times before using any Broadband services in your home

Jio disrupted mobile market in very short period and result is awesome : Customers with VoLTE mobile are enjoying services at best.

Subscribers without VoLTE phones are being forced to use 2G or 3G data service along with Voice plans prepared with tons of hidden terms to deduct subscriber balance and there is no way to get rid of such circumstances now, except following some steps to avoid such balance deduction, wrong recharge incidents.

Why we recommend Jio ?

There was Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, RCom, Aircel, Docomo, Uninor, MTS etc in Indian telecom sector but none has ever tried to expand digital services in such rapid way what Jio did in last couple of months : Jio Unlimited 4G freebie service helped people to understand real meaning of digital services and, the way to use it for making life easier.

Digital services is just like physical services – It has a huge number of benefits – some people are using it to get most out of internet and some are waiting to get more. Jio unlimited 4g at 40mbps helped users to get access to internet as much as possible and explore what internet is actually. Jio helped to increase ARPU (Average Revenue per User) which is very helpful for rest of the operators too.

Jio abolished all types of roaming charges. Jio abolished charge for voice calls. Jio abolished ‘Categorize subscribers based on region (City/Rural)'. Jio abolished ‘Crappy & Costly data plans'. Jio abolished ‘Monopoly' in telecom sector.

Jio made ‘Internet' as ‘Commodity' rather ‘Status'. Jio made people aware of true benefits of internet. Jio helped people to stream Media/TV while travelling on Bus/Train/Car. Jio helped people to learn thing by exploring costly magazines  at free of cost. Jio helped people to make voice calls without worry of being charged now-and-then.

Internet serves millions of ways to make life easier. Digital services got a rapid growth in last couple of months thanks to Jio for making all theses charges.

How to Avoid Balance Deduction and Wrong Recharge on your Mobile Number

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