Difference between Jio VoLTE vs Airtel VoLTE

Getting difference between Jio VoLTE vs Airtel VoLTE will help you to get superior 4G services mainly the HD voice calls and high-speed mobile internet while on-the-go.

Airtel recently launches VoLTE service over LTE network across Mumbai. Now Airtel 4g subscribers can make calls and use internet simultaneously without compromising quality and coverage. With the immature launch of Airtel VoLTE, company proved that VoLTE is future and operators need a quick upgrade.

Airtel VoLTE is now in beta phase and customers have limited access to technology across limited service areas. Airtel is using LTE-A technology which combines multiple LTE bands to improve overall speed and latency. Initially, Speed of Airtel Volte is simply mind-blowing but huge pressure is yet to come if plans remain under the reach of ‘common man'. Actual 4G speed under network load is yet to come.

Difference between Jio VoLTE vs Airtel VoLTE

Jio VoLTE service has passed initial beta tests and now on fully loaded working phase. Jio VoLTE has a wide-coverage compared to rest of the operators even Jio VoLTE is available where no 2g signal comes live !

Using Jio VoLTE services ensure no balance deduction for hidden terms where Airtel VoLTE has very limited coverage which is why LTE network would automatically fall back to available 2G/3g network if VoLTE coverage goes missing. Airtel also added that customers would continue ongoing call without being disturbed by network switching process.

Jio concentrated on VoLTE upgradation from beginning and there is no fall back network which is why Jio VoLTE successfully covered most of telecom sectors across India and now working on full swing with significant success rate.

Jio LTE services have some limitation when it comes to ‘Internet Speed' : Jio uses 3 LTE bands : 850, 1800 and 2300. 4g mobiles supporting these three bands can attract any one of these 3 bands and remains connected to particular bands as long as no other band provides strong coverage which is why speed may drop in different scenarios.

#1 Customers A using X mobile connected to band 2300 can get great speed which customers B using Y mobile connected to band 850 may get poor internet speed. Note Speed wise 2300>1800>850.

#2 Another scenario may come for Jio LTE where 2300 band get huge traffic, become slow where band 850 get smaller traffic, provides better speed compared to band 2300.

Jio VoLTE service may get huge upgrade if company combines LTE band using LTE-A technology. There are some good and some bad for company while using LTE-A technique.

10mbps speed across India is now enough: This speed easily opens webpages, streams TV, Netflix and also accelerate downloads !

Pure LTE network (No fall back to 2g/3g, battery saving and less headache), Unlimited Voice calls to any network (Free from daily top up) and vast LTE coverage (Always connected) are three major plus point for Jio which Airtel can't beat with its VoLTE launch.

Difference between Jio VoLTE vs Airtle VoLTE

ServiceJio VoLTEAirtel VoLTE
LTE Bands2300, 1800, 8502300, 1800
Data charge for VoiceNONO
SpeedSingle band and LTE-ALTE-A
LTE CoverageStrongPoor
2G/3G FallbackNOYES
Battery consumptionMinorHuge
4g PlansFree Voice and daily dataAs per existing plans (2g/3g)
Mobile SupportHugeFew
Hidden TermsNoAlways read full terms
DrawbackSpeed drops day-by-dayLow coverage, Network switch, lots of terms

Can I make Voice calls using VoLTE service if I don't have VoLTE phone ?

LTE and VoLTE services need hardware support if your are going to use VoLTE services and if anyone telling you that you can make VoLTE calls even if you don't have VoLTE phone that means either

  • Phone is making calls using JioVoice app while mobile is connected to JioFi
  • Or, You are using VoLTE plans to make voice calls from a network which owns both LTE and 2g/3g networks and calls are being made using these 2g/3g bands instead of LTE bands.

To make HD calls you need a VoLTE supported mobiles.

You can make regular voice calls using VoLTE plans or 4g plans from Airtel 4G as it supports 2g/3g fall back but always remember these voice calls made using 2g/3g network are not HD or VoLTE calls rather regular voice calls.

Difference between Jio VoLTE vs Airtel VoLTE


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