How to Enable AssistiveTouch in iOS 11 [Complete Customization]

AssistiveTouch in iOS 11 gives you ability to get access to iPhone or iPad in whole new way, without having to visit settings and control center users can make a lots of changes and get access to iOS options shortcuts in most easiest way but AssistiveTouch in iOS comes in ‘Disabled' condition by-default. Now enable AssistiveTouch in iOS 11 and customize shortcuts to experience new way to get access to iPhone or iPad, even when phone is locked.

AssistiveTouch in iOS also come handy when some part of screen stop working and users have o access to that part but display gives some option to execute and using  AssistiveTouch you can easily make lot of changes to iPhone or iPad system just by touching a Single AssistiveTouch button.

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AssistiveTouch easily becomes the most-user-friendly feature for persona having less interest in touching Home button for every new seconds. It replaces a lots of function by placing a lot of useful functions in single button.

AssistiveTouch in iOS may become an irritating thing for someone but once Opacity of AssistiveTouch icon is customized in proper way it becomes just a fun. Plus point of using AssistiveTouch is that you can lso use 3D touch in iOS 11 without any further issue.

Enable AssistiveTouch in iOS 11

Now enable AssistiveTouch in iOS 11 without much hassle.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings'


Step 2: Now select ‘General' option


Step 3: Now ‘Select ‘Accessibility' under ‘General' menu


Step 4: Under ‘Accessibility' scroll page a little down and select ‘AssistiveTouch'


Step 5: Now you are on desired menu : All you need to touch enable button located just after ‘AssistiveTouch' link


Once you enable AssistiveTouch in iOS 11 you will find a small icon on right-button of the screen and just touch icon to check options in action.


You have now successfully enabled AssitiveTouch in iOS 11.

You can freely move AssitiveTouch icon anywhere on the screen except middle part of display.

Customize AssitiveTouch options

Once you enable AssistiveTouch in iOS 11 you can customize options as per you need and re-order them instantly but before doing that be sure to check default options because some options bears advanced settings.

Once you are on AssitiveTouch Menu page you can customize menu as per you need by following steps below:

Change Functions of Options in AssistiveTouch Menu

Now if you are not happy to have default option in AssistiveTouch menu then follow steps below to customize them as per you need

While you are on AssistiveTouch Menu under ‘Settings'

Step 1:  Touch  ‘Customize Top-Level Menu..' link to enter further steps


Step 2: Now tap any  icon to see available options


Step 3:  Now select any desired option. Remember Grayed out options are already selected by another icon so you can use them as long as existing icon releases them.


Step 4: Once you select target option effect comes instantly.

Using Step 1 to step 4 you can change options for any icon under AssistiveTouch Menu.

Change number Icons in AssistiveTouch Menu

Top-Level Menu which opens once you touch AssistiveTouch icon on the screen. Here you can customize the number of icons to be visible when icon is touched. At least one icon must be placed here. You can add as many as 8 icons to get direct access to most often used options.

While you are on AssitiveTouch Menu under ‘Settings'

Step 1:  Touch  ‘Customize Top-Level Menu..' link to change the number of icons


Step 2: Now touch – or + sign to decrease or increase number of icons instantly. Every-time you do that (Touch + or – sign) pre-defined icons will be gone and it need a new customization.


Be sure to keep ‘Device' option in any of available icons since it gives some advanced menu over existing one.

 Change Opacity of AssistiveTouch icon

AssistiveTouch Menu on iPad or iPhone screen may become irritating or distracting for some persons which is why Apple gives users ability to control of opacity of this icon. You can easily customize icon to set desired percentage of transparency

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' > then ‘General' then > ‘Accessibility' > then ‘AssistiveTouch' and follow steps below

Step 2: Now touch ‘Idle Opacity' link to open further setting


Step 3: While on the ‘Idle Opacity' menu just slide button from left-t-right or right-to-left to increase or decrease opacity of AssistiveTouch icon.

This settings allows AssistiveTouch icon to become transparent while remains in idle condition and comes in 100% Opacity while in action.

Apart from  these special customize setting you can also enable ‘3D touch action' which allows users to customize what AssistiveTouch would do once users use ‘3D touch' pressure. AssistiveTouch icon supports both single touch as well as 3D Touch.

Under ‘Customize top-level Menu', just tap ‘3D Touch Action' link and set desired option to get access to it whenever long pressure is applied on AssistiveTouch Icon.

To make everything default Apple also includes a ‘Reset' button just under ‘Customize Top-Level Menu' which simply reset everything defined manually.

How to Enable AssistiveTouch in iOS 11 [Complete Customization]

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