iOS 11 Connectivity Issue: Control Center failed to Turn Off WiFi & Bluetooth

iOS 11 update finally comes live but it also bring some connectivity issue related to new ‘Control center' where ‘Control Center' fails to turn off WiFi & Bluetooth whenever users try to disable from there. After lots of criticism for batter drain issue in new update, Apple releases iOS 11.0.1 which successfully fixed battery drain in iOS 11 but WiFi and Bluetooth issue remained as it is which is why it's assumed that New interface on Control Center actually little tricky and Apple brings this as new feature along with others.

Apple brings some extra-ordinary features in new iOS 11 update and GUI got a lot of small changes and ‘Control Center' is most impressive one no doubt but it also bring some security flaws actually.

iOS 11 users can now easily customize Control Center as per need and it's very smooth to work with which is why managing multiple features from a single control panel become just a fun.

iOS 11 also brings a minor connectivity  issue for WiFi and Bluetooth.  in iOS 11 users can easily turn on or turn off WiFi and Bluetooth from Control Center but in reality this feature works little differently.

ios 11 control center

iOS 11 users still need to check WiFi and Bluetooth option under ‘Settings' to add new connection or remove existing one where Control Center gives users ability to stop turn ON both WiFi and Bluetooth from same panel but doesn't turn the off actually rather sleep them as long Phone is locked and Stop searching for new Networks or Devices.

WiFi Issue in iOS 11

Whenever users turn of WiFi from Control Center it turn WiFi on without any issue and connect to previously registered network instantly (As soon as network is available) but when users turn WiFi off from same Control Center WiFi goes sleep mode and wait till user performs any activity that request Internet and whenever app triggers Internet request WiFi automatically connect to registered WiFi SSID.

To turn WiFi completely off users need to check WiFi option under Settings and turn it off from there.

Bluetooth Issue in iOS 11

Bluetooth also works in same way.

After turning Bluetooth on from iOS 11 Control Center it becomes available to automatically connect to registered devices. When users turn off connectivity from same Control Bluetooth settings stop searching new devices but remain active in background.

When ever registered devices come in range Bluetooth connect it automatically without user's permission.


Apple already releases iOS 11 update and it didn't fix WiFi or Bluetooth issue found while using Control Center which is why it becomes an official feature until further announcement come official.

Both the features are really helpful as users don't need to visit settings to enable/disable WiFi or Bluetooth again and again but it also open some security flaws.

If WiFi remains open for all time security breach may happen to devices and data damage or leakage is major issue in this case.

For Bluetooth you may face a bizarre issue while connecting iOS 11 Bluetooth to a supported Bluetooth-speaker. If you turn off Bluetooth from Control Center and same Bluetooth speaker comes in range iPhone or iPad will connect it automatically and speaker will sound loudly for every call and music you want or don't !

It's OK to turn on WiFi or Bluetooth from iOS new Control Center but always remember to turn them off from Settings while visiting public places.

iOS 11 Connectivity Issue: Control Center failed to Turn Off WiFi & Bluetooth