Last day of RCOM 2G, 3G and MTS CDMA Service

Last date of RCOM 2G, 3G and MTS CDMA finally come and telecom services will go offline from today midnight (Nov 30, 2017). All the existing subscribers are strongly requested to collect PORT number if one interested in continuing the same number. All types of official backup support will lapse with the end of the day as usual.

RCOM will continue its 4G service and MTS will stops using its name by transfer all status to RCOM. To continue RCOM 4G network subscribers need to PORT existing RCOM or MTS number to RCOM 4G and continue service as per RCOM strategy coming next.

RCOM was always a better choice for College goers once upon a time and, Company had introduced a large number of Social and College packs back in 2012. MTS also had tried to revolutionize data usage by providing ‘Night Unlimited' as cheapest rate at a time when Leaders were busy in milking customers based on rate/bit pricing !

A large number of RCOM CDMA customers have lost their numbers in last ‘Service disruption' that happened few months ago and now another service disruption for 2G and 3G. RCOM is losing both ‘Loyal Customers' as well as ‘Customer TRUST' with such incidents.

RCOM can still Survive

Gone are days when customers were happy with 1GB/month data plan – Now users consume 1GB/day data without any hesitation, even more for some cases.

A rapid fall in Torrenting and downloading have been recorded from last couple of months and it's per plan, no doubt. Obviously to encourage streaming and increase the  sale of ‘Usage based Online Services'.

‘Usage based Online Services' require huge data consumption and, It also helps customers to pay more which means subscribers are becoming more prone to spend money on each & every services they fall in trap.

Now subscribers communicate with friends via Online even if while sitting on same tea-table – Rapid change in Lifestyle & usage, Economical growth based on ‘Digital Dependency' and these are the great opportunities for Data providers as well as service providers.

A regular subscriber can now easily consumes 2GB to 4GB in average per day.

From 1GB/months to 120GB/month or more in rapid – A huge growth and such customers would happily switch to Wireline broadband providers if no operators come to capture such opportunities.

‘Voice Strategy' is now over – Data is future and there is enough scope until 5G revolution comes in action.

Jio has accelerated ‘Use of Internet' and made ‘Internet' as ‘Daily Commodity' but company neither can attract more subscribers nor stops most of its customers from leaving network in near future because of it failure to identify the ‘Data Hungry' customers even after having a huge amount of ‘Subscribers Usage routine'.

Most of the Data subscribers finding new opportunities to help the growth of Digital India – A huge number of subscribers to come online and request a large number of Data request per day which is impossible to handle for our Leading telecom operators – Data strategy too is going to revolutionize in coming years, no doubt.

Exit of a new Operator will not only endanger subscribers' ‘Healthy Telecom Environment' but also put more pressure on existing networks and create a ‘Chaos'.

Most of the ‘Physical Services' to go ‘Digital' in 3-4 years – ‘Monitoring of Services' & ‘Automation' is future and – Those need DATA.

RCOM 2G, 3G and MTS CDMA Service to go offline from Midnight, Today

Existing Subscribers still have few hours to collect UPC for MNP request.

RCOM 2G and 3G Network will down from midnight today.

Subscribers who initiated ‘MNP Request' within last 4 or 5 days please insert new operator Sim to your mobile from Midnight today when RCOm service goes offline and keep patient until the Request processed successfully.

Last day of RCOM 2G, 3G and MTS CDMA Service
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  1. Dear Sir,
    i mobile was reliance (9373002217) and i have got a port id. but got rejected even after porting to new network Idea, actually i want Reliance gallery/office in Pune to complain and ask my present number to be ported and started.
    please help me out.

    thank you
    (m) 8208475707

    1. Dear Sir,
      pl’s arrange to provide me the office details.

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