RCom to Stop 2G Service from 3rd November, As per Vodafone Port Call

RCom GSM customers are reportedly getting calls from Vodafone saying ‘Reliance is going to shutdown on November 3, 2017 so port your number to Vodafone before it's too late' and RCom customers are getting PORT SMS instantly with PORT number which is scarring to a great extent. Reliance GSM customers are reportedly getting such calls for porting out the current network & switch to leading telecom network soon to avoid further disruption of services.

RCOM lead by Anil Ambani, sends no public announcement about the shutdown of RCOM service. Port calls from Vodafone is stating exact date of shutting down of any other telecom services when parent company has not shot any public announcement or SMS regarding the matter is simply creating public panic.

This is true that Reliance GSM is facing heavy debt. Last memory of shutting down 2G & CDMA services across different circles had created heavy chaos among existing customers and many of RCOM customers had lost their numbers which is why another announcement of ‘RCOM 2G Shutdown' message may create another wave of panic, no doubt.

RCOM-MTS merger has been successfully completed which confirms that RCOM will focus more on 4G upgrade.

RCOM 2G or 3G customers can not switch directly to 4G network by switching just SIM card rather RCom customers need to port existing number out to RCOM 4G. To take full advantage of VoLTE calls RCOM must upgrade network to 4G mode and push existing GSM customers to 4G network.

There might be a possibility that RCom may ask its customers to PORT into RCom 4G services if company converts RCOM GSM into 4G network but shutting down the services completely is not going to take place very soon.

What to do if RCom customers get PORT call citing shutdwon of 2G service on 3rd, November ?

Simply note down the number from where you are getting calls regarding PORT out message. Contact RCom support and discuss the issue and obviously take the right decision that suits you the best. Don't forget to note down PORT code and don't share this code if you're not interested in Porting current network anytime soon.

Customers are advised to avoid such messages and contact RCom customer care to get full details regarding the ‘PORT OUT' or ‘Shutdown of services' if he/she gets any of such ‘PORT' related calls citing exact date of service disruption.

RCom to Stop 2G Service from 3rd November, As per Vodafone Port Call

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  1. Reliance has proved to be most irresponsible and almost criminal in their approach. They have behaved like petty shopkeepers. My mobile got deactivated more than 25 days ago. Their customer care is not working. Emails are not acknowledged. I had a balance of more than 100 rupees in my core account yet they refused to port my number. Their Agra office at Sanjay Place is manned by goondas.

  2. What TRAI is doing ? Sleeping… Authority didnt respond to CDMA SHUTDOWN earlier, without any notice. Lakhs of cdma handset got wasted. Where to complaint. TRAI regulatory authority is sleeping………

  3. TRAI is never of any help. They are always biased in favour of these criminal-minded, dishonest service providers and are anti customer. We are just puppets in the hands of Tatas, Ambanis and Birlas. But we are a spiritual country and must endure all this in the name of karma.

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