Time to find Best Data Network in India

4G Magic is over ! time to find best data network in India. Constant 4G speed above 20mbps become daydream now – Subscribers across selected locations have access to high-speed 4G network. Stable 4G speed is a big headache for telecom network, no doubt.

Gone are days when subscriber can stream 4K media without any buffering. More traffic on single 4g network makes average speed slower. With limited spectrum in hand, No operator can actually fulfill subscribers expectation in country like India when huge percentage of subscribers start using data services.

Congested network will start increasing price of tariff plans to put low ARPU generating customers out, This will make rivals happy and further help to increase base tariff in coming months.

Jio won't launch JioFiber for now because it would become a death strategy for company for now. In August, Telecom sector received huge PORT Request and BSNL grabbed the lion's share. BSNL become the tough competitor for Jio.

With advent of Jio, BSNL is launching bumper offers day-by-day without any stopping and, this strategy becomes successfully to a great extent. BSNL is only competitor which is successfully gaining subscribers in this tough competitive market.

Good news is India now has a telecom network which offers great coverage, unlimited voice calls to any network and average Internet speed – All these features become a great benefits for rival network too.

Rivals networks has improved network quality a lot in last couple of months when subscribers were busy in milking Jio's Unlimited 4G freebie offer – Speed is now divided into three conventional data segments : 2G, 3G and 4G – No extra pressure on single mode.

Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel, BSNL even Tata Docomo has launched unlimited voice calls bundled with 1GB/day data usage.

Looting subscribers is still going strong – Thanks to hidden terms attached to voice plans and, obviously lack of subscribers interest in those ‘Terms'.

Unlimited Voice becomes common now-a-days but the future of telecom, the DATA is still stumbling !

Rise of Streaming service is on high. 4K Mobile Display is yet to come – Telecom networks don't need to optimize Wireless network for serving Internet speed above 20mbps for now.

Constant 10mbps speed would be a fantastic strategy for telecom network for now. BSNL is following same strategy which resulted a great success for last couple of months even in a time when 4G mania is going very strong !

4K display mainly 4K TV silently become the next big thing in India. A sharp fall in pricing of 4K TV has been recorded in last 3 months – This price to go down in coming months, no doubt.

Availability of 4K Streaming contents is very low except NetFlix. Most of the time NetFlix reverts 4K streaming to 1080P if it fails to find constant speed.

Number of Wired Broadband service providers is very low across rural and semi-rural areas which are going to next high-ARPU generating sectors for telecom companies.

Huge demand for ‘Jio 4G Freebie Offer' has proved that a large number of people are ready to take high-speed connections if it becomes available with better service at affordable price-range.

Subscribers will happily adapt Wireless Internet as primary solution of Digital communication where Wired Service is low.

Jio has gathered a huge analytic (Data Usage) in short-time which rivals don't have. Subscribers would find alternative solution to keep ‘Digital Service' keep going.

Check Operators current status for Data Services & coverage

JioStrong Coverage
Huge Pressure on network
Slow speed reported
Optimization keep going
Strong circles : Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, UP (E), UP (W)
AirtelGood 2G/3G coverage but low 4G coverage
Less pressure on data service
Division in data access mode
Upgrades going background
Strong circles: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, MP, Maharashtra, Orrisa, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, UP East, WB
VodafoneGood 2G & 3G coverage
Low 4G coverage
Division in data access mode
Strong circles: Delhi, Gujrat, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, UP (E), UP (W), WB
IdeaGood 2G & 3G Coverage
Low 4G coverage
Strong circle: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujrat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, UP (E), UP (W)
AircelNetwork coverage not up to mark
2G & 3G speed depend on circles
Strong circles : Tamilnadu, Assam, Bihar, Delhi, UP (E)
BSNLNetwork coverage still poor
Optimized 3G speed
A range of Data Packs
Strong circles: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharastra, Tamilnadu, UP East

Let's Find the Best Data Network in India

Jio becomes saturated to some extent which also resulted a slow internet speed in popular areas. BSNL improved data speed a lot and now easily compete with Airtel & Vodafone. Idea is very strong in some circles and it has some special data offerings too. Aircel has very strong userbase in Tamilnadu – Aircel has good speed in city areas.

Data traffic across Vodafone & Airtel network went down in last couple of months but they both have stable 3G speed.

Jio has a great 4G coverage, no doubt but speed drops dramatically in congested areas where a large number of buildings comes fighting each-other. In such areas BSNL and Idea performs great. Airtel and Vodafone give stable speed most of the time but you may not get maximum speed available in same areas from two of these network.

Strategy of Aircel is little different – Overall score is bad but performs great in high ARPU generating locations and among subscribers. Aircel has good internet speed but speed fluctuates most of the time and a single call to Aircel Support fixes issue most of the time.

How to find best Wireless Data Network

  • Note down your monthly data usage (Very easy to find as long as you use Android phone)
  • Fix your monthly budget
  • Decide average speed you need
  • Find solution to restore data wastage
  • Follow monthly rule

Once you find your Quota you can successfully find best wireless data plan in seconds.

Should I be a high ARPU generating customer ?

  • No never, you can get a number of eye-scorching offer on Internet but stop worrying much – Be specific to your need – 10mbps Speed is enough for HD contents access and high-speed browsing, Do not ever fall in speed-trap.
  • Note down data you waste every day (obvious, from your daily quota)
  • Don't stream 4K if you have no 4K display.
  • Switch to Wired Internet service if demand for both speed and usage become high.

Note : Above solutions are example based on user-base, coverage & speed. Real speed depends on Signal strenght, distance from tower, network congestion, speed optimization, Equipment status and many more things. Use Data Network only as backup Sim or Secondary Sim because ‘Good data speed' doesn't mean ‘Quality Voice service'.

Superior Wired broadband service is still a daydream in most of the telecom circles. Wireless Data Network may become a great companion where ‘Wireline Internet Service' still not available.

Time to find Best Data Network in India

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