BSNL 3G Plans 2018 (Updated)

BSNL 3g plans 2018 are just updated by state owned telecom operator. BSNL revised 3g plans are now more customer-satisfaction-oriented which means prepaid subscribers would get more value for money services when data usage is concerned.

Quality of BSNL 3g speed across the working circles is still under question but BSNL 3g plans are still ‘Value for money' offering for prepaid subscribers living under better coverage, and having thirst for heavy-downloading/streaming.

BSNL revised 3g plans to match with Jio latest plan ‘New Year Offer' [Revised]. BSNL existing plans 333, 444, 549, 561, 821, 1099, 1498, 1949, 2798, 3998, 4498 got some interesting revisions.

BSNL 3g plans 333, 444, 549, 561, 821, 1099 and 1949 got significant revision in validity. These data packs are now missing some days in validity. BSNL net packs 821, 1498, 2798, 3998 & 4498 got revision in number of GBs (Usage) and after-FUP speed.

BSNL is somehow following Jio's strategy where company is tweaking pricing & validity in such a way that subscribers would hesitate to opt in low-cost data packs & end up recharging net packs with longer validity.


BSNL 3g Plans 2018 (Revised & Updated)

BSNL revised 3g plans 2018 faced minor reduction in validity as well as revision in post-usage unlimited speed. Validity is now primary sword to sabotage revenue fall.

BSNL Triple Ace Plan 333 : 3G plan 333 got revision in validity. Triple Ace plan 333 now comes with 41 days of validity where data usage is still 1gb/day with post-usage speed of 80kbps. PRBT (Personalized Ringback Tone Service) comes free with this plan.

BSNL Chukka Plan 444 : BSNL 3g plan 444 now offers 60 days of validity. Data pack 444 comes with 1.5Gb/day data usage along with unlimited net access at 80kbps after FUP quota. Free PRBT comes bundled here too.

BSNl 3g plan 549 : This plan comes with 2gb/day data usage for 60 days. Now unlimited usage here and PRBT comes for free too.

BSNL 3g plan 561 : BSNL subscribers can now enjoy 1gb/day data for 80 days just by recharging Rs 561. This plan also offers PRBT free of cost. No unlimited usage here too.

BSNl 3g plan 821 : Subscribers having interest in 1gb/day with longer validity can opt in 3g plan 821. Data plan 821 offers 1gb per day. No after FUP or PRBT here.

BSNL 3g plan 1099 : Most lucrative 3g plan from BSNL now offers 84 days of validity instead of 30 days (revision) – Unlimited 3g usage at Rs 1099 for 84 days – This plan has no limitation in daily or monthly data usage or speed restriction (We noticed some speed drop after heavy usage !). This plan now offers unlimited Voice usage for Home & Roam along with 100/day SMSs. PRBT comes free with this plan too.

BSNL 3g plans with 1 year validity

Subscribers who need longer validity can simply recharge any of following plan.

BSNL 3g plan 1498 :  3g plan 1498 comes with 91gb data usage for 365 days – Now daily FUP – Now speed restriction – enjoy internet as per need.

BSNL 3g plan 1949 : BSNL net pack 1949 offers 1gb/day for 300 days. Post-expiry of daily data quota, speed will drop to 40kbps.

BSNL 3g plan 2798 : This data plan also offers 1gb/day for 365 days. After FUP speed is 40kbps.

BSNL 3g plan 3998 : BSNL data pack 3998 offers 1.5gb/day data usage for 365 days. After FUP speed becomes 40kbps.

BSNL 3g plan 4498 : BSNL offers 2gb/day for 1 year with 3g plan 4498. This plan also comes with 40kbps after FUP speed.

BSNL Sachets 3g Plans

BSNL also offers some 3g plans with short validity.

BSNL 3g plan 109 : This plan if for EZ only. Pack offers 1536MB of data usage for 25 days, also offers PRBT free of cost.

BSNL 3g plan 198 : This plan offers 1gb/day usage for 24 days. PRBT comes for free. Pack comes including SZ.

BSNL 3g plan 291 :  3g pack 291 offers 1.5gb/day data usage for 41 days. PRBT comes for free. BSNL pack 291 also comes including SZ.

BSNL offers a number of 3g plans for its prepaid subscribers. These packs are simply lucrative but remember to ask BSNl support before activating any of above plan.

Notice : Never use multiple plans in same number – Recharges become successful but chances are low that your 2nd recharge will get activated. You won't get money back or plan activation ! Always ask BSNL support before using two packs (Data or Voice or combo) in single number.

How to find best 3g plan for my BSNL number ?

There are a large numbers of data plans available from BSNL and most of them are ‘Value for money' but wrong choice will lead to worst nightmare !

Always be sure to test speed & coverage before activating any of 3g data plan from BSNL –  Use small data denomination first and check speed through out the day and be sure to check coverage across your traveling circles. Determine daily data usage first then apply for suitable pack.

BSNL 3g plans 2018
3G plansData UsageVoice UsageValidity
3331gb/dayNO41 days
4441.5gb/dayNO60 days
5492gb/dayNO60 days
5611gb/dayNO80 days
8211gb /dayNO120 days
1099UnlimitedFree84 days
149891GBNO365 days
19491gb/dayNO300 days
27981gb/dayNO365 days
39981.5gb/dayNO365 days
44982gb/dayNO365 days

BSNL updated list of 3g plans recently – Pricing & availability of above plans may vary circle to circle. Always connect BSNL support before activating any of above plans.

BSNL 3G Plans 2018 (Updated)
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