Jio 799 Plan offers 5GB per Day data for 28 days

Jio 799 plan offering 5gb per day day data usage comes bundled with unlimited VoLTE calls, SMSs and free access to Jio apps. Subscribers expecting daily data usage above 4GB can opt-in Jio 799 plan. Jio new plan comes with a total 140gb data for a validity of 28 days.

Jio 799 plan is now available for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers where the number of GBs counted under ‘daily data usage' is slightly different. Jio prepaid users will get access to 5gb data per day where postpaid subscribers will get access to 3gb data per day. Post expiry of ‘daily data usage', prepaid users can browse internet unlimited @ 64 Kbps 4g speed.

jio 799 plan

Jio 799 plan will also allows subscribers to get free access to Jio apps for a duration of 28 days from the date of plan activation.

5GB/day usage will help rural subscriber a lot specially in locations where wired broadband is absence.

The launch of Jio 5GB/day plan is a great move by company since the daily data usage by subscriber is on rise from last couple of months.

Jio 5gb per day Plan details

Jio 799 Plan for Prepaid

Jio 5gb/day offer for Prepaid
Jio offersScheme
4G plan5GB/day plan 799
Price Rs 799
Validity in days 28
Data Usage5GB/day
Voice UsageUnlimited
SMS Usage100/day
Jio AppsFree to Use
Speed5gb@FullSpeed, 64kbps afterwards
Hidden Terms NO

Jio 799 Plan for Postpaid

Jio 3gb/day Offer for Postpaid
Jio offersScheme
4G plan3GB/day plan 799
Price Rs 799
Validity in days Bill cycle
Data Usage3GB/day
Voice UsageUnlimited
SMS Usage100/day
Jio AppsFree to Use
Hidden Terms NO

Jio has already gifted ‘Prime subscription' to all its subscribers for another year at free of cost which is why users will get all ‘Prime benefits' with every recharge of Jio 799 plan.

Jio 5gb per day Plan FAQs

How to recharge Jio 799 plan ?
Jio 799 recharge is now available in Jio portal so subscribers can use any recharge portal or app to get benefits of the plan.

Who is eligible for Jio 5Gb/day plan ?
Anyone having JioPrime already recharged

What is the validity of Jio 799 plan ?
It's 28 days.

Jio 799 Plan details
It's 5gb/day plan for prepaid & 3gb/day plan for postpaid. Subscribers with JioPrime can recharge the plan.

What is the speed after 5gb data ends ?
Prepaid subscribers can browse unlimited @64kbps after end of 5GB data within 24 hours session.

Can I recharge Jio 799 plan with BitCoin
NO, No recharge portal in India currently supporting Bitcoin for payment so forget about it.

Is there any hidden charge for 5gb/day offer ?
NO hidden terms come free with this plan. Enjoy the offer without headache.

Jio 5gb per day plan launch date
Dear it's now available – recharge and enjoy the 5gb per day plan.

Can I use VPN with Jio 799 Plan ?
Yes, Why not ! but speed may drop or vary depending on the speed connected server is currently offering.

Can I recharge Jio 799 plan when I already have another plan recharged in my number ?
As you know Jio users can recharge multiple plan but activation will come as per the date plans got recharged so waiting is only the solution for this issue – It's a common issue available with solution officially launched by Jio.

Can I share Jio 799 plan data via WiFi ?
Yes, Anytime – 4G speed remains valid till end of 5gb (per day).

Can I stream 4K Media with Jio 799 Plan ?
Perhaps No for users getting low 4G speed and Yes for subscribers getting 24mbps+ constant speed.

Jio 799 Plan offers 5GB per Day data for 28 days
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