Jio Digital Pack – 2GB/Day Extra Data Offer

Jio Digital Pack – 2GB per day extra data offer for prepaid users. Jio users can now enjoy 2gb per day extra data on existing 4g plan without compromising any exiting plan benefits.

Jio has silently added Jio Digital Pack on few Jio numbers. This pack has August 6, 2018 as expiry date. There is no details on availability of this pack for rest of the customers.

Data usage is on rise – Data over 2GB is being consumed within a few hours thanks to  use of social medias and streaming services.

Coverage of existing wired broadband connections are limited to selected cities or towns where Jio 4G is now available almost everywhere. Such plans will defintely help users to engage more on digital services.

jio digital pack

Jio Digital Pack

As per activation report of ‘Jio Digital pack' available in MyJio app, Jio offers 2gb data per day on top of existing data limit of an activated 4g plan.

Jio now offers digital pack till August 6. This pack won't change any benefits of existing plan rather it adds 2GB/day data to ‘Daily data usage' scheme.

How to check Jio Digital Pack activation

Open ‘MyJio' app > Select ‘View details' under ‘View Plan' which is located under ‘My Account' > You will see ‘Jio digital pack' under your ‘Current plan'.

Can I activate my number with Jio Digital Pack ?

Digital Pack is now  availbale on few Jio number – Initial validity of added data is August 6, 2018. There is no info about manual activation of this pack.

Can I extend Jio Digital pack validity ?

For now NO. Article will get future updates once available.

For more details wait till Aug 7, 2018 or connect Jio support.

Jio Digital Pack – 2GB/Day Extra Data Offer
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