HDFC bank launches HDFC Mobile Banking apps for Android mobile


HDFC bank launches HDFC mobile banking apps for Android devices. With new mobile banking Android app HDFC bank user will be able to get a bunch of banking details with just couple of touches. Company also launched HDFC Bank Hindi for normal phones with Hindi language support.

HDFC bank customers can use this app in their Android smartphone or tablets to view Account summaries, account information and Fixed Deposit summaries and many more financial details. These two apps will help HDFC bank customers not only in daily basis but also help to get quick support in any emergency.

Where ever you are this new HDFC mobile app will bring you the full banking account details with the help of easy and quick access functionalities and instructions.

Using these applications users can pay utility bills, credit card bills, Demat, debit cards bill etc.


HDFC mobile banking apps will also help customers to transfer funds including ‘transfers to other bank' customers, third party transfer etc and users can also request for paperless statements, new cheque book even customers can stop any type of payments just by using mobile phone.

And many more such things can be done just by using HDFC banking application.

Just before use these apps on our Android deice make sure you have a strong antivirus installed for better security and peace of mind.

Visit Google play to download any of these mobile banking apps.

Source: Google play

Airtel FoneIM app: browse unlimited Facebook and Gtalk at cheap rate

airtel foneim

Airtel FoneIM – one app for all : Messaging, Facebook and Gtalk chat. This app allows Airtel users to get access to important online services without being charged for any extra data usage consumed by services offered by Airtel FoneIM.

Airtel FoneIM is a revolutionary online app based service, which helps user to stay connect and updated with their loved ones. Chat with your Facebook and Gtalk friends everywhere. Always be in touch and never miss anything.

The unique proposition of FoneIM is the simplicity. Reliance also launched same plans with social network access as :

 WhatsApp Plan at Rs.16-Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp access

 My College Plan:Calls and SMS @ 5p with Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp access

FoneIM is safe, secure and easy to use app based service powered by Airtel free data. It comes with cool user interface to enhance your chatting experience. Now you can chat simultaneously while on the Gtalk and Facebook.

Airtel FoneIM Key Features:

  • View Online Friends on Facebook and Gtalk.
  • Initiate personal Chat with Facebook and Gtalk Friends.
  • Receive and Respond to Chat initiated by any other Facebook / Gtalk Friends
  • Screen auto-refreshes to show latest messages
  • Huge library of Smiley's
  • No additional data charges
  • Roaming free
  • Consistent User Experience on any Handset from Low-End to High-End

Subscription Channel

USSD: *170#
WAP: enter the defined wap url:

AirtelIM Subscription

This plan comes with various subscription price as Rs 30 for 20days and
Rs.2 — 1 day
Rs.2 — 3 day
Rs.10— 7 days
Rs.15— 10 days
Rs.20— 15 days
Rs.25— 17 days.

To unsubscribe from Airtel FoneIM just dial *121*5# and follow the process.


Vodafone m-pesa – mobile money transfer and payment service via ICICI

Vodafone m-pesa

Vodafone India in association with ICICI bank launches m-peas a mobile payment and money transfer system. Vodafone m-pesa service will definitely help customers to easily process mobile payment & m-Commerce service.

Airtel and Reliance already have mobile money service solution for its subscribers.

Vodafone m-pesa service currently launched in Kolkata, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. Rest of the Vodafone circles will get service very soon.

Subscribers have to create a mobile money account to transfer money to various bank account.

Vodafone m-pesa Advantages

  • Vodafone ‘m-pesa' will enable customers to make cash deposits or withdrawals from designated outlets.
  • Transfer money to any mobile phone or bank account in India.
  • Make payments at select shops and avail of a wide range of mobile payment services like mobile or DTH recharge and utility bills.

“The ‘m-pesa' will enable us reach out to segments (of the population) which currently do not have access to banking services, towards our objective of achieving greater financial inclusion,”

said Kochhar ICICI Bank managing director.

Best Mobile deal-Snapdeal and Huawei present Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer


Snapdeal, India's leading online Shopping Mall partnerd with with Huawei mobile, presents an amazing deal . Buy one mobile and get one absolutely free at a very cheap rate only Rs.4955.

This deal comes with Huawei U5510 Dual SIM, GSM + GSM (Dual Standby), 3.2 Megapixel rear camera,0.3 Megapixel front Camera with video call support, expandable memory up to 32 GB,FM Radio and first 3G feature phone with Wi-Fi Router which is capable to convert 2G/3G data to WiFi router and you can connect up to 8 wireless devices simultaneously, also manage two different connection with two separate service provider at a time and latest video call facility.

Easily stay connected with your Facebook, Twitter and others IM services.

Another model is Huawei G5510 Dual SIM, GSM + GSM (Dual Standby),0.3MP camera, expandable memory Up to 16GB. It specially designed for Music entertainment with one-touch music access through dedicated music key.

Snapdeal and Huawei U5510,G5510 deal

Full Specification Hauwei U5510

General3G Dual SimCandy BarGSM/GPRS/Edge 900/1800 MHzWCDMA 2100 MHz

650 MHz Processor

Operamini Web browser




Display6.1cm (2.4″) ScreenTFT LCD displayQVGA (240×320) ResolutionMPEG4, H.263, H.264 video format supported
CameraDual CameraRear: 3.2MPFront: 0.3MP
ConnectivityHSDPA/HSUPA with 7.2Mbps DL and 5.76Mbps UL802.11 b/g, Support Wi-Fi RouterBluetooth V2.1 + EDR
Memory512MB RAM1GB ROM40MB Internal MemoryExpandable Upto 32GB

3.5mm Audio Jack

BatteryLithium ion1000 mAh CapacityUpto 200 min (3G) TalktimeUpto 350 Hours (3G) Standby Time
Others1000 Multi Field Phonebook1000 SMS MemoryPreoaded MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter


Full Specification Huawei G5510

General2G Dual Sim850/900/1800/1900 MHzJava 


Display2.1cm (2.4″) ScreenTFT displayQVGA (240×320) Resolution
Camera0.3MP (VGA)
Connectivity2GBluetooth A2DP
Memory32MB RAM64MB ROMExpandable Upto 16GB

3.5mm Audio Jack

BatteryLithium ion1000 mAh CapacityUpto 220 min Talktime

Single SIM Standby Time : 830hrs

Dual SIM Standby Time : 625hrs

Others500 Field Phonebook200 SMS Memory

Go here to achieve this limited time offer:;11

Exclusive Mobile Security: How to Secure Mobile device and Private data

Mobile Security Concern

Threats to the security of mobile devices and the information devices store, process have been increasing significantly. The number of variants of malicious software, known as “malware,” aimed at mobile devices has reportedly on rising from about 14,000 to 40,000.

Cybercriminals may use a variety of attack methods, including intercepting data as they are transmitted to and from mobile devices and inserting malicious code into software applications to gain access to users’ sensitive information.

These threats and attacks are facilitated by vulnerabilities in the design and configuration of mobile devices, as well as the ways consumers use them. Common vulnerabilities include a failure to enable password protection and operating systems that are not kept up to date with the latest security patches.

Mobile security attack

Attacks against mobile devices generally occur through different channels of activities:

How to Secure Mobile

Software downloads

Malicious applications may be disguised as a game, device patch, or utility, which is available for download by unsuspecting users and provides the means for unauthorized users to gain unauthorized use of mobile devices and access to private information or system resources on mobile devices.

Visiting a malicious website

Malicious websites may automatically download malware to a mobile device when a user visits. In some cases, the user must take action (such as clicking on a hyperlink) to download the application, while in other cases the application may download automatically.

Direct attack through the communication network

Rather than targeting the mobile device itself, some attacks try to intercept communications to and from the device in order to gain unauthorized use of mobile devices and access to sensitive information.

Physical attacks

Unauthorized individuals may gain possession of lost or stolen devices and have unauthorized use of mobile devices and access sensitive information stored on the device.

Mobile devices often do not use security software

Many mobile devices do not come preinstalled with security software to protect against malicious applications, spyware, and malware-based attacks. Further, users do not always install security software, in part because mobile devices often do not come preloaded with such software. While such software may slow operations and affect battery life on some mobile devices, without it, the risk may be increased that an attacker could successfully distribute malware such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, and spam, to lure users into revealing passwords or other confidential information.

Operating systems may be out-of-date

Security patches or fixes for mobile devices’ operating systems are not always installed on mobile devices in a timely manner. It can take weeks to months before security updates are provided to consumers’ devices. Depending on the nature of the vulnerability, the patching process may be complex and involve many parties. For example,Google develops updates to fix security vulnerabilities in the Android OS, but it is up to device manufacturers to produce a device-specific update incorporating the vulnerability fix, which can take time if there are proprietary modifications to the device’s software. Once a manufacturer produces an update, it is up to each carrier to test it and transmit the updates to consumers’ devices.

Software on mobile devices may be out-of-date

Security patches for third-party applications are not always developed and released in a timely manner. In addition, mobile third-party applications, including web browsers, do not always notify consumers when updates are available.Unlike aditional web browsers, mobile browsers rarely get updates. Using outdated software increases the risk that an attacker may exploit vulnerabilities associated with these devices.

Mobile devices often do not limit Internet connections

Many mobile devices do not have firewalls to limit connections. When the device is connected to a wide area network it uses communications ports to connect with other devices and the Internet. These ports are similar to doorways to the device. A hacker could access the mobile device through a port that is not secured. A firewall secures these ports and allows the user to choose what connections he or she wants to allow into the mobile device. The firewall intercepts both incoming and outgoing connection attempts and blocks or permits them based on a list of rules. Without a firewall, the mobile device may be open to intrusion through an unsecured communications port, and an intruder may be able to obtain sensitive information on the device and misuse it.

Mobile devices may have unauthorized modifications

The process of modifying a mobile device to remove its limitations so consumers can add additional features (known as “jailbreaking” or “rooting”) changes how security for the device is managed and could increase security risks.Jailbreaking allows users to gain access to the operating system of a device so as to permit the installation of unauthorized software functions and applications and/or to not be tied to a particular wireless carrier. While some users may jailbreak or root their mobile devices specifically to install security enhancements such as firewalls, others may simply be looking for a less expensive or easier way to install desirable applications. In the latter case, users face increased security risks, because they are bypassing the application vetting process established by the manufacturer and thus have less protection against inadvertently installing malware. Further, jailbroken devices may not receive notifications of security updates from the manufacturer and may require extra effort from the user to maintain up-to-date software.

Communication channels may be poorly secured

Having communication channels, such as Bluetooth communications, “open” or in “discovery” mode (which allows the device to be seen by other Bluetooth-enabled devices so that connections can be made) could allow an attacker to install malware through that connection, or surreptitiously activate a microphone or camera to eavesdrop on the user. In addition, using unsecured public wireless Internet networks or WiFi spots could allow an attacker to connect to the device and view sensitive information.

Mobile Application breach

Mobile device manufacturers and wireless carriers can implement a number of technical features, such as enabling passwords and encryption, to limit or prevent attacks. In addition, consumers can adopt key practices, such as setting passwords, installing software to combat malware, and limiting the use of public wireless connections for sensitive transactions, which also can significantly mitigate the risk that their devices will be compromised.


Get the Rediff News app and follow India as it happens


Rediff, India's leading portal which covers topics inclduing Indian news, Hindi Movies, Photos, Videos, Live Cricket Score, Stock updates from BSE and NSE, Bollywood and many more, launch Rediff News mobile application for Android users.

You can download app for Android mobile as well as Android tablets from web address :

The easy-to-use, free application provides you with the latest updates on Business, Movies, Sports, Cricket, Get Ahead, Travel, Lifestyle, Careers, etc.

The tiled interface brings news, photos, videos, and slideshows to your Android mobile, as soon as they appear on

Rediff News App
Rediff News App

You can share the news with your network on Facebook, Twitter, via Whatsapp messenger, SMS or email.

You can customize your setting to restrict image downloads to reduce data usage,
receive notifications as per your choice and save news articles for offline reading.

“With all that’s going on in India and the world, it’s easy to miss the stories and events that impact our daily lives. The release of the Rediff News app is designed to keep our users consistently informed and engaged with the current headlines and happenings – across the business, technology, entertainment, and sports – in an innovative and simple way,” said Ajit Balakrishnan, India Ltd. Chairman, and CEO.