Jio GigaFiber – A beginning of Gigabit Broadband Internet


Jio finally announces to launch GigaFiber, an Optical fiber based gigabit broadband Internet service (FTTH). After massive success in Wireless segment Jio will expand its portfolio across wireline broadband segment with the launch of JioFiber.

JioGigaFiber broadband service becomes very popular among heavy bandwidth consumers with announcement of its features and services. JioFiber to become available for subscribers across 1100 cities at first phase.

Jio GigaFiber

On Jio 41st AGM, Company announces official launch date of Gigafiber as well as demonstrates how the future online service will change the way people use Internet today.

Jio GigaFiber registration to start from August 15, 2018. Afterwards, Interested customers can apply for JioGigaFiber broadband via or using MyJio App.

With the help of Jio GigaRouter, Users can browse internet at 1Gbps speed. Standard GigaFiber speed along with plan details will become public on Jio official page once.

1Gbps = 125MB/s = 1000mbps

Let's check how fast is Gigabit internet :

  • Download a MP3 file ( 3MB)  < 1 second
  • Download TV program (350MB) < 3 seconds
  • HD contents (720P) (950MB) < 8 seconds
  • Blu-Ray content (15GB) < 2 minutes

Jio GigaFiber will help to sustain smooth communication where high-volume of Data consumption is required such as 4K stream, UHD Video conference, 4K gaming, managing multiple IoT devices etc.

Besides JioGigaFiber, Jio also announces to bring GigaTV service, SmartTV Calling service, SmartHome service for FTTH subscribers.

For more information, Check Jio official website.

How to Lock LTE Network to band 3, 5 or 40 [3 Solutions]

4g internet

We will show you how to lock LTE network to band 3, 5 or 40 etc for best speed or coverage. This will help Jio 4G users to lock LTE band to frequency such as 2300Mhz or 1800Mhz or 850Mhz which later allows to get highest speed or great coverage in specific location.

LTE network may work on different frequency bands i.e 700Mhz (band 17), 800Mhz (band 20), 850Mhz (band 5), 1800Mhz (band 3), 2300Mhz (band 40) or even 2600Mhz (band 7 or 38). It depends on service provider only.

In India, three leading telecom companies are now providing 4G LTE service: Airtel, Vodafone & Jio. Airtel supports LTE band 40, Vodafone supports band 3 & Jio supports LTE band 3, 5 & 40. Telenor current offering 4g on 1800MHz frequency (Narrow band) & BSNL will work service on 2600Mhz frequency. Reliance 4G will work on all Jio bands.

Airtel & Vodafone offer single band LTE network that's why if handset supports band 3 or 40, 4G phone will latch on selected band & work without any issue regardless LTE network speed & coverage.

But you may notice slow speed or bad coverage once you start using Jio LTE network – This is not a problem from Jio side –  Jio started LTE network in all three bands so that users get better coverage & higher speed.

Why slow speed or bad coverage in Jio LTE network ?

Before answering question be sure to have knowledge in following LET band details:

### Better speed: 2300Mhz > 1800Mhz > 850Mhz

### Better coverage: 850Mhz > 1800Mhz > 2300 Mhz

Jio offers 50mbps (+/-) in band 40, 18mbps (+/-) in band 3 & 8(+/-) in band 5. Remember speed given above is available before ‘Jio commercial launch'.

Jio provides a small app called NetVelocity Enterprise to check LTE band currently selected by 4G handset. You may find in jio-app-store, .

We will show you how to select specific LTE band available in 4G handset so that you get better speed or coverage very easily. After locking 4g network to band 3, 5 or 40, you can get access to all available service according to your need.

How to lock LTE network to band 3, 5 or 40

“Warning : Use following methods on your own risk, We are not responsible for any damages happen afterwards.”

There are three solutions for everyone using Jio 4G network. Fixes are very easy to access & use. First of all decide your need: Coverage or Speed

For best coverage leave handset as it is & for speed just follow tutorial given below:

Before started working on following solutions make sure to select LTE only mode by dialing *#*#4636#*#* > then ‘Phone info' > the ‘Set preferred network type': LTE Only.

Solution 1 for Qualcomm Chipset: Most of Android phone mainly Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset allows access to hidden configuration option which is known as ‘Service Menu' – This option helps to select specific LTE band in work & rest of the available bands remain inactive.

You can download small app : Shortcut Master (Lite) :

  • Open app
  • Go to Menu > then select ‘Search'
  • Type: Service Menu or Engineering mode & search
  • Select ‘System app' for more specific
  • If found then open & access to change LTE bands

In case: Code is *#2263#

  • Dial code
  • Select ‘Band selection' >Then ‘LTE'
  • Then activate single LTE band you need

In case Code is: *#0011#

  • Dial code
  • Select Menu & click ‘Back' link
  • Again select Menu > then ‘Key input' then enter: Q & OK
  • Again enter: 0000 & OK
  • Wait few seconds for Service Menu pop up
  • Select ‘UE settings and Info' > Setting > Protocol > NAS >Network control > Band Selection > LTE Bands (*) > Only select band you need.

This solution is currently available for selected LTE phones from Samsung, HTC, Sony & LG.

Solution 2 for MediaTek Chipset: Be sure to buy MediaTek chipset supported 4G smartphone because a small app available in Playstore allows user to lock device to specific LTE RF band no matter what your phone company is.

Download a small app named: MTK Engineering Mode on your MediaTek 4G mobile

  • Run app
  • Select ‘MTK Settings'
  • Now select ‘BandMode'
  • Select Sim slot which you want the device to serve 4G band
  • Now scroll down to ‘LTE mode'
  • Tick band 40 for best speed or tick band 5 for best coverage
  • Save settings & reboot mobile to activate changes.

Now enjoy better speed or better coverage using your MeditTek powered 4g mobile.

Solution 3: If solution 1 or 2 become nightmare then simply use this last solution to have the highest speed. Solution 3 makes no changes in settings.

Final solution will work better for fixed location & better for Mobile Hotspot purpose:

  • Open app store & search ‘Nova 3' game
  • Start downloading it via cellular data  – Obviously Jio 4g
  • Now move & find location where you get highest speed
  • You may cancel download & place your phone on that location & turn on Mobile Hotspot
  • Connect WiFi & access ultimate Jio 4G speed from anywhere in your Home.


There are fixes available to enable/disable LTE bands in phone modem or lock/unlock available LTE bands in Qualcomm devices or even way to get access to system settings – for simplicity & risk-free access to controls we added above three solutions.

Beware: ‘legal intercept’ allows Government to record Skype conversations silently

Skype conversation is no more protected, a new spying technique called “Legal Intercept” now allow government to silently record all data on Internet chat services such as Skype in real time.

Skype provides secure chat connection over VoiP (Voice over internet Protocol) which why it's very hard to track data over connections because services convert analogue audio signals into digital data packets and send it through a complex and secure path that can't be easily broken by third parties.

Now with ‘Legal Intercept' technique patent which is obtained by a California businessman, government agencies can be used to trace and store records silently of VoIP communications.

New patent can be used to trace the billing report associated with names and addresses for a particular username.

Not only audio but any others multimedia data such as video or even information can be stored silently.

New patent will help security agencies to catch false subscriber data and fraud IP addresses users and it brought a easier and secure way for the authorities to track calls over VoIP .

According to the report, Skype pulled its password reset function last week after vulnerability was revealed that allowed hackers to access accounts using victim's email address.

2g spectrum auction ends | Telecom circlewise Reports

2g spectrum auction results

Department of Telecommunication just announce 2G spectrum auction results for various telecom circles which ended at just Rs 9,407 crore, much lower than the expectation. Rs.40,000 crore was the complete amount was expected to come to Government after end of current auction. There were no bids for Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka and Rajasthan circles.

Reserve price was set at Rs. 14,000 crore for 5MHz of 2G spectrum and total 144 blocks of spectrum was set to bid but only 101 blocks got bid. Due to higher reserve price of GSM spectrum, telecom operators did not participate in 2g spectrum license auction.

Idea and Telenor (uninor) won in 6 circles each, Vodafone and Bharti Airtel participated in the auction for additional license to improve their services. Vodafone has won additional airwaves in 14 circles and Airtel in one circle.

57% spectrum remained unsold and auctions exceeded base price only in Bihar.

Telecom circelwise 2g spectrum auction report:

Operators Telecom Circle won
Telenor (Uninor)Maharashtra ,Andhra Pradesh , UP- East, UP – West, Bihar, Gujarat
IdeacellularOrissa, Assam, Bihar, J&K, Kolkata, North East, Tamilnadu, West Bengal
VideoconBihar, Gujarat, UP – East, UP – West, Haryana, Madhya Pradedsh
Bharti AirtelAssam
VodafoneIndiaAssam, Maharashtra, , Orissa, Punjab, Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, North East, UP East, UP West, West Bengal

BSNL EVDO 20% special discount: Purchase price Rs.959


Good news for BSNL Chennai CDMA customers. BSNL brings special discount offer for CDMA 2000 1X & EVDO technology customers.

Now get 20% special discount on sale price of EVDO data cards. BSNL CDMA Network is available all over India except Delhi & Mumbai. EVDO service is available in all major city /town & 1x data services are all over the India (Except Delhi &Mumbai).

Discounted sale price of EVDO data cards is Rs.959.Special discount offer valid for 90 days with effect from 10.09.2012 to 08-12-2012.

Special discounted offer is available in prepaid customers. BSNL offers two types of data services on CDMA technology.

  • CDMA 1X data service with internet surfing peak speed up to 144 kbps.
  • EVDO data service with internet surfing peak speed up to 3.1 Mbps


A customer can avail these services by using USB or PCMCIA type data card. The data card (EVDO/CDMA 1X) allows to accesses the high speed internet without need of landline. You can use the services while on move.

Silent feature of this services are following
• Strong network coverage.
•  Easy to setup
•  Roaming
•  Available on prepaid as well as postpaid.
•  Attractive prices & tariff plans

Normal data charges :
EVDO Data charge

Customer have to select any plan from following tariff of prepaid EVDO data plans which will be automatically deducted from the account balance available in the customer’s account.

prepaid EVDO data plans

1.The bundled free usage is also applicable while in national roaming.
2. The data charges while in national roaming is the same as that of normal data charges
3. The bundled free usage is to be exhausted within the validity period of 30 days. No carry forward
of unutilized free data usage will be allowed after the expiry of validity

EVDO Data STV's Available through C-TopUp
EVDO Data STV's Available through C-TopUp

Note: When the customer is not using above Data STVs, normal plan data charge of Rs.0.10/100KB (Peak Hours) and Rs.0.05/100KB (Off-peak Hours) will be applicable.
EVDO Prepaid limited usage DATA STVs (Activation through C-Top Up and SMS.)
EVDO Prepaid limited usage DATA STV

Note –Off-Peak Hour (11.00PM to 07.00 AM) and Peak hour (07.00 AM to 11.00 PM). The above STVs can be activated through C-Top Up and SMS.

Telecom companies get Notice for Violating Radiation norms

Mobile Tower Radiation

Department of Telecommunication has taken steps to strictly enforce latest Radiation Standards in respect to Electra Magnetic Radiation(EMR) for Mobile Tower that came into effect from 1st Sept 2012.

Some DOT officers led by Advisory (Technology), DOT and official from Term Cell Unit in Mumbai visited few BTS sites in Mumbai on 12.9.2012 as part of the random verification of compliance to the new EMF standard by the Telecom Service Providers.

One of the sites located next to Ekta CHS,Kanjur Marg(East), covering Saidhan Building and Vighnaharta Building having more than 11 BTSs of Reliance Communications, TTML, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Aircel and loop telecoms were found radiating beyond permissible limits of new radiation norms when measurements were carried out in some house facing nearby BTS antenna.

A meeting was announced by DOT officials with 11 licensed operators in Mumbai at short notice which was attended by 32 officials from 11 operators.

Picture of the BTS antennas and the others details also shown to the operators and on the spot orders were issued to 7 operator to stop radiating from these BTSs with immediate effects. This radiation may be resumed only after the sites are made compliant and compliance to that effect is verified as per TERM Cell Mumbai.

All the Telecom Service Providers were further directed to carry out a comprehensive exercise to identify all BTSs which are non-compliant as per latest radiation norms and ensure that they are either shutdown or made compliant respect to the radiation norms falling which penal actions as per relevant provisions would taken against delinquent operators.