Jio GigaFiber – A beginning of Gigabit Broadband Internet


Jio finally announces to launch GigaFiber, an Optical fiber based gigabit broadband Internet service (FTTH). After massive success in Wireless segment Jio will expand its portfolio across wireline broadband segment with the launch of JioFiber.

JioGigaFiber broadband service becomes very popular among heavy bandwidth consumers with announcement of its features and services. JioFiber to become available for subscribers across 1100 cities at first phase.

Jio GigaFiber

On Jio 41st AGM, Company announces official launch date of Gigafiber as well as demonstrates how the future online service will change the way people use Internet today.

Jio GigaFiber registration to start from August 15, 2018. Afterwards, Interested customers can apply for JioGigaFiber broadband via or using MyJio App.

With the help of Jio GigaRouter, Users can browse internet at 1Gbps speed. Standard GigaFiber speed along with plan details will become public on Jio official page once.

1Gbps = 125MB/s = 1000mbps

Let's check how fast is Gigabit internet :

  • Download a MP3 file ( 3MB)  < 1 second
  • Download TV program (350MB) < 3 seconds
  • HD contents (720P) (950MB) < 8 seconds
  • Blu-Ray content (15GB) < 2 minutes

Jio GigaFiber will help to sustain smooth communication where high-volume of Data consumption is required such as 4K stream, UHD Video conference, 4K gaming, managing multiple IoT devices etc.

Besides JioGigaFiber, Jio also announces to bring GigaTV service, SmartTV Calling service, SmartHome service for FTTH subscribers.

For more information, Check Jio official website.

JioTV Web – Watch JioTV Channels on Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

JioTV Web

Jio launches Web based JioTV service allowing users to watch JioTV on PC, Laptop using Web Browsers which means subscribers are now free from installing Emulator to watch JioTV Channels while using Internet browser in PC or Laptop even in SmarTV browser.

JioTV Web version allows Jio Sim users access supported HD & SD TV channels while using internet browser on Desktop or laptop basically where Jio failed to deliver TV applications.

JioTV Web version doesn't need any type of App installation – Just open JioTV link on Internet browser and you are ready to watch a number of subscribed TV channels.

Web-based JioTv services will definitely help force Ported subscribers to register an email based Jio profile which later allows Jio subscribers to gain direct access to JioTV for Desktop or laptop.

Web-based JioTV was an imminent service and now JioTV live on Desktop or Laptop. Experiences from both App based JioTV and Emulator based Jio TV were very rough and out of comfort to a great extent.

JioTV Web

Process to watch JioTV Live on Desktop or Laptop

JioTV Web now live for Jio numbers and you can follow steps below to watch JioTV live on your desktop or laptop using JioTv Web service.

  • Step 1: Visit : JioTV from Chrome or Safari or FireFox
  • Step 2: Click on any TV channel to watch and fill login details to sign in to service
  • Step 3: After successful login you will get full web-based JioTV interface similar to JioTV app installed in your smartphone.

Q: What is JioTV Web
A: JioTv Web is a web-based Live TV service which allows users to get access to TV channels comes free with JioTV subscription.

Q: What is JioTV Website
A: JioTV website is

Q: How many TV channels I can watch on JioTV Web
A: You can watch any Tv channels as per the Channels provided by JioTV subscription.

Q: How to Stream JioTV on Desktop or Laptop
A: Check and login using your Jio number to watch any TV channels anytime

Q: Where to download JioTV Web for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
A: No need to download any type of app to watch We based JioTV. Any system that support Internet browser can help you to watch Jio TV channels.

Q: How to Register Jio number for JioTV
A: You can download MyJio app from PlayStore or AppStore and connect Jio number with your mail id or, open and register Jio number when it asks for.

Q: What is charge for JioTV Web
A: As long as you subscriber to Jio Prime plan your are ready to watch JioTV on Web browsers. No more JioTV charge will be applied for now.

Q: What is price for JioTV Web monthly subscription
A: JioTV Web version is now live but Jio users won't be charged for getting access to JioTV Web. There are many live Tv services are available now and JioTV is going to become one of them shortly.

Q: How to Play JioTV Web on Mobile
A: You can download JioTV app on mobile to watch TV channels as long as you have Jio Prime subscription and valid 4G plan.

Q:Can I watch JioTv Web on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Aircel, RCOM Internet
A: Yes, You can as long as your Jio number has a valid subscription for JioTV, you can stream JioTV web channels using any type of Wireless & wired internet services.

Q: Can I watch JioTV Web using Local Broadband service
A: Yes you can, We've tested and It's working for now.

Q: Where to download JioTV for PC
A: We've already told you no need to download any type of TV app to watch Jio Tv channels

Q: How to watch JioTV Live
A: Open > Sign in to your Jio profile > Play any TV channels supported foe now.

Q: Can watch 4K channels on JioTV
A: JioTv now supports few SD & HD channels. 4K Tv Channels will become live once they are available. Better switch to NetFlix – Be sure to have a Wired Broadband service with at least 30mbps speed.

Q: JioTV Web is showing ‘Website under construction', What to do !
A: Developers seem little lazy ! Website will live after few minutes.

Q: Do In need to install PC Emulator to watch JioTV
A: After JioTv Web, you can watch JioTV channels live on your Desktop, Laptop without installing any type of emulator applications – JioTv Web is fully Web Browser dependant.

Q: Do I need to Chrome, Firefox or Safari to watch JioTV
A: You can install any of them or similar browser application to watch JioTv live on PC/laptop

Q: Can I watch JioTv live on Mac system
A: Yes, You can, Open jiotv url on Safari web browser and you are ready to watch.

Q: Can I watch JioTV on Ubuntu, Redhat, fedora, Mandriva etc.
A: Yes you can, as long as your system has a stable & latest Web browser application installed.

OnePlus 5 Review : Check This 3 Specs before Upgrade


OnePlus 5 successfully landed in India with pricing hitting highest of its kind. VoLTE phone with 8GB RAM is simply massive, Snapdragon 835 CPU is extra specs that blows mind while users playing with multiple app running in background but still OnePlus 5 missing some important things but one which comes into mind at first is the differences of spec between OnePlus 3/3T and OnPlus 5.

OnePlus 5 is equipped with three important hardware specs including 8GB RAM, SD835 CPU and Dual Camera (16MP+20MP) setup.

Question is : Do customers truly need all these setup for making mobile experience little better ?

Let's discuss things clearly !

Before jumping into review take a look at specs comparison table between OnePlus 5 vs OnePlus 3T

SpecsOnePlus 3TOnePlus 5
SimDual 4G StandbyDual 4G Standby
Display1080P AMOLED1080P AMOLED
GPUAdreno 540Adrenoo 530
Video1080P Recording4K Recording
Battery3400 mAh3300 mAh

If you compare OnePlus 5 specs with OnePlus 3T you can't find anything special for upgrading existing 3T to 5.

oneplus 5

Company simply launches new mobiles in hurry and going out of innovation this time : The devices from OnePlus have a lot of room for optimization, tweaking and tuning which further helps to make it best out of best. After the termination of agreement between Cyanogen and OnePlus , company failed to keep the quality bond between Hardware & software.

OxygenOS is great no doubt for Stock Android OS lover but this version of Android OS is no match for CyanogenMOD ! as long as performance is concerned.

What's new in OnePlus 5 ?


Company is promoting Dual Camera setup more and more but question is does OnePlus 5 has power to deliver the quality equal to the mobile (iPhone 7 Plus) it's following ?

OnePlus 5 comes with dual Camera setup on rear a 16MP along with a 20MP telephoto lens :  Customers are overwhelmed to have a additional 20MP camera but truth is 20MP is telephoto lens and will work when users shoot in Zoom mode. This camera helps to improve photo in Zoom mode. If 20Mp camera is neglected, Quality of OnePlus 5 is same as 3T except some DxO tweaks in effects.

The Bokeh effect which is achieved by tweaking two cameras got some issue with OnePlus 5. Edges in Bokeh becomes very fuzzy; Separation between target and background is very poor and Bokeh in users need to struggle to capture Bokeh in Low light conditions.


No doubt, Snapdragon 835 2.3Ghz has massive power and it's latest for now.  OnePlus showed how users can open multiple at a time and switch between them without losing loaded data at all. As per OnePlus ‘App Priority' feature “It keeps intrusive apps from harming performance or draining battery.” but company never told anything about what CPU clock would become while No app is running .

If SD 835 runs in background at 2.3GHz, OnePlus will become a heater inf few seconds, no doubt. ‘Heat management' in OxygenOS is very poor.


Some may deny that 8GB is gimmick !

6GB RAM in OnePlus 3T is enough, even benchmark showed there is minor differences in performances between 6GB & 8GB version of OnePlus 5. Rest of the performance is achieved from Snapdragon 835 chip.

Running 10+ apps in background will heat up device very quickly. If running multiple app simultaneously is not your primary concern then OnePlus 3T is most cost-effective choice till now.

Why ‘Never Settle' Strategy failed this time !

OnePlus ‘Never Settle' strategy failed this time !

Instead of making some innovative product which stands out of the market, onePlus started promoting its product by comparing specs with other.

OnePlus Dash charge

Simply amazing, no doubt. OnePlus directly challenges Galaxy S8 for quick charge competition. instead of adding more power (mAh) in battery, company reduces battery power and comparing it with galaxy S8 !

Even Mi 3S Prime has loads of power to deliver huge backup after a single charge where heavy users having OnePlus 5 mobile need to carry Dash charge every time for outing and, schedule a 30 minutes waiting for adding more juice in mobile.

3 Years+ to make this design !

OnePlus confessed that they have no access to full size display similar to Galaxy S8 this time. And, If they had, they would definitely launch full screen display with pricing touching the ‘Flagship Pricing' which further made it a ‘Flagship mobile' !

Dual Camera Setup

OnePlus 5 got two cameras for better quality regardless the lighting condition. Camera setup simply follows iPhone 7 Plus setup. Most of the OnePlus devices deliver great Still shooting in bright lighting condition.

This time company follows iPhone 7 Plus configuration and camera app is quite similar to iPhone Camera app !

OnePlus 5 has some issues with Bokeh and low light shooting and quality is average in most cases. OnePlus would definitely deliver some updates to fix this but how long those updates would keep coming !

Go for OnePlus 3T 

  • To save money
  • To have same performance
  • To have same camera quality
  • Even bigger battery and same Dash Charge

Go for OnePlus 5

  • To burn hard earned money on Defective Bokeh effect
  • To burn your hands
  • To satisfy yourself that you own 8GB RAM mobile ! (6GB/8GB benchmarks are quite same for v5)

OnePlus 3T is still a great choice if you are going to upgrade your mobile. OnePlus 5 with 6GB comes under consideration if SD835 is concerned but simply ignore OnePlus 5 with 8GB RAM to save some money if space is not an issue for you.

Read This Before Buying OnePlus 5


Ready to buy OnePlus 5 mobile then wait till you end the reading of this article. OnePlus is famous for its ‘Value for Money' mobiles. OnePlus 5 is next flagship killer, no doubt. Dedication towards highly advanced devices and large community based OS optimization helped OnePlus to build such innovative devices but company has silently ignored few important aspects where consumers need great attention, since the launch of its first flagship Killer gadget OnePlus One.

Mobiles from OnePlus are truly ‘Value for money' gadgets. OnePlus 5 to come with attractive get up, powerful specs and massive power backup for both smooth gaming & quick multitasking.

oneplus 5

Full Specs of OnePlus 5 at a glance

  • Dual Sim 4G VoLTE mobile
  • 5.5 Inch FullHD Display
  • SD 835 CPU clocked at 2.4Ghz OctaCore
  • Android 7
  • 6GB/8GB RAM
  • Adreno 540 GPU
  • 64GB/128GB Storage
  • 15MP Rear and 15MP Front Camera
  • 3500mAh /4000mAh battery

OnePlus to launch version 5 in two variants (RAM/ROM) : 6GB/64GB & 8GB/128GB

Version 5 from OnePlus to become very popular for 30K budget users, no wonder. Few things where company had given a great attention are Camera, Sound, Display and Processing Power since the launch of its first flagship mobile : OnePlus One, which is still the king in many segments.

OnePlus wisely selected 30K segment where most of the leading mobile brands failed to impress its customers. With the launch of OnePlus 5 mobile, company is going to lead the 30K to 40K pricing segments where Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG are fighting with each other.

Why to buy OnePlus 5

Pricing : First thing which comes to mind while buying mobiles is ‘Price of the Device'  – When device from OnePlus are concerned, you can surely go for it, blindly !

Processing : OnePlus has always preferred high processing CPU for its gadgets and no exception for OnePlus 5 too. Latest Qualcomm SD835 CPU along with 6GB/8GB RAM and Adreno 540 GPU will come pre-loaded with v5 mobile.

Great Sound : After SoundFX, OnePlus integrated MaXXAudio : Both the audio enhancements produce a great quality of audio output over both built-in speaker and Headphones.

Worth the Price :  OnePlus mobiles are greatly tuned so that consumers can use its for next few years without any issue in processing or power.

Flagship Phone at Half of Price : When flagship phones are available above 50K pricing segment, OnePlus always delivers same devices with huge improvement in both hardware & software at half of the price of Flagship gadgets.

Why you should avoid OnePlus 5

Few support for accessories : OnePlus simply removes its accessories for older devices when a new device launches and, official accessories went missing from even online shopping sites in few months from the launch of latest OnePlus mobile.

Be sure to buy important extra accessories while buying any new OnePlus One mobile phone. This is official strategy to sell more accessories initially so you can't do nothing but purchasing extra accessories at the time of purchase !

Overheating Issue : OnePlus One always uses high end CPUs normally clocked over 2Ghz. Since the termination between Cyanogen & OnePlus 5, stable releases of CyanogenMod (Now Lineage OS) is dead, which normally helped OnePlus users to control CPU for heat management by optimizing CPU usage.

Most of the OnePlus mobiles are simply heater – This temperature heats up Camera  module most of the time no matter you are using Camera or not – which ultimately downgrade Camera quality in 11 to 13 months of its usage.

Huge charge for Hardware Replacement : If you damage or break any hardware, it will cost you a lot ! Both Lenovo & Mi charge less when services are concerned. Hardware for OnePlus mobiles are very costly and you will end up paying extra charge for additional repair while replacing or repairing something at OnePlus service center.

Just search OnePlus service centers and, call them one-by-one to ask ‘Screen replacement charge' (for example) you will get be shocked to hear different charges at different service point even in same City for same service !

Full Data LOSS during Service : Service centers will wipe whole data in the name of ‘Device Check up' even when you are going to replace just broken screen ! Data backup always recommend while using OnePlus mobiles.

No control over Service centers for service charge : OnePlus has officially fixed pricing of OnePlus hardware but ‘Service Centers' will charge you more no matter you show them official charge list. Worst thing is different service center will charge differently if you ask them to replace or repair same thing.

Limited support for OS (OxygenOS) :  After the termination between OnePlus & Cyanogen, OnePlus brought OxygenOS which is nothing but Stock ROM integrated with limited tweaks. CynogenMod is till great for its older devices. Heat dissipation is a famous drawback for OxygenOS. Even you can get Apple iPhone 6 at just 23K (FlipKart Special Offer) with constant 4 years of OS support but OnePlus simply forget it older devices when OS update is concerned !

Every electronics devices got some good and some bad review, For the case of OnePlus, if you buy new mobiles with additional accessories;  Never break any hardware, Even avoid long waiting of OS updates and, forget Camera overheating & quality downgrade problem then, OnePlus 5 would be the next most ‘Value for money' mobile for you.

Airtel 1 Year Free 4G Offer with Micromax Canvas 2 (2017)


Airtel offers 1 year free 4g with Micromax Canvas 2 (2017). Both new & existing Airtel subscribers will get unlimited voice & 4G data with every new purchase of Micromax Canvas 2 (2017) model. Device bundled offer is not new but Airtel unlimited 4g freebie offer with Canvas 2 will definitely a good news for Micromax mobile lovers.

Micromax relaunches Canvas 2 model with improved hardware & software – Canvas 2 2017 model now comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is very new in market. Plus point of model is Android latest version 7.0 Nougat comes pre-loaded out of the box.

Micromax Canvas 2 (2017) comes with 5 inch HD display with resolution of  720×1280 pixels which is protected by a Gorilla Glass v.5.  1.3GHz of CPU will power up Android 7.0 Nougat with the help of 3GB of RAM.

airtel 1 year free 4g with micromax canvas 2 2017

Canvas 2 2017 includes 16GB nternal storage which can later be expanded to 64GB thanks to support for MicroSD card slot. Dual Sim mobile will features 4G VoLTE out of the box. BT, GPS, WIFi etc are available as well.

A 13MP rear camera will help to capture HP videos and HDR snaps. On the other side device holds a 5Mp Wide-angle camera on front for selfie. a 3050 mAh batter is there to back up the device power though out the day.  1-year screen replacement promise' is add-on offer which guarantees a malfunction free screen though out the year.

Micromax Canvas 2 2017 features at a glimpse 

  • Price : Rs 11,999 (Available from May 17, '17)
  • Dual Sim 4G VoLTE
  • 5 inch HD display
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • 1.3GHz CPU
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal, 64GB Expandable
  • 13MP Rear, 5MP front camera
  • 3050mAh battery

Airtel 4G offers with Micromax Canvas 2 2017

Airtel 4g offer with Micromax Canvas 2017 model is available for both Airtel new & existing 4g subscribers. Airtel offers unlimited on-net voice, 1GB/day 4g data & 600 mins of off-net free calls per month – All theses offer will come valid on Airtel offer sim for 1 year.

Airtel 4g offer with Canvas 2 2017 in details

  • 4G offer will valid for 1 year
  • Unlimited on-net Voice calls for 1 year
  • 600 Minutes of Off-net voice calls every month for 12 months
  • 1GB 4g data per day every month for 12 months
  • Post 1GB, speed will reduced but unlimited till the end of the day
  • Roaming & other charges as per Offer T&C

Airtel offer with Canvas 2 2017 may include some hidden terms be sure to check official terms & condition for this ‘device bundled offer' before utilizing 4G data or voice in full swing. Micromax Canvas 2 2017 model will be available from May 17 for purchase on online & offline market.

Steps to Make Jio VoLTE Call in Non-VoLTE 4G Mobiles


You can make VoLTE call in Non-VoLTE 4g mobiles as well as 3g phones while using Jio 4G network. VoLTE gives way to make HD Voice calls over LTE network.

Most of the 4G phones from mobile brands including Samsung, Asus, Gionee, HTC,Intex, InFocus, LG, LeEco, Karbonn, Lenovo, Lava, Motorola, Micromax, Panasonic, Xioami etc come with VoLTE function enabled.

VoLTE feature in 4G phone can easily be enabled by sending an update to specific 4g phone but this process is fully dependent on mobile brand, architecture & 4G service provider.


VoLTE feature is missing in many popular & costly 4g mobiles.

If you are already frustrated over your 4g mobile brand for not sending important VoLTE special OTA update then you can easily fix volte missing issue by using Jio4GVoice app and enjoy HD Voice calls.

Drawback of Jio4gVoice is that app requires internet connection to operate properly.

Check List of Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE Supported Phones [Updated]  published earlier to be sure that your 4g phone is listed on VoLTE support chart. Smartphone with VoLTE support & enabled can make HD calls without any glitch but devices missing this feature can follow steps below to make HD calls easily with the help of Jio4voice app.

To make HD calls on Non-VoLTE phone be sure to purchase JioFi which helps 3g mobile to connect Jio 4G network though Jio4GVoice app.

To make VoLTE call work in your 4g mobile please follow steps below

Jio4GVoice aka JioJoin is a VoLTE calling app developed by Jio keeping the issue found in all Non-VoLTE mobile users in mind.

JioJoin app is now updated and renamed to Jio4GVoice. JioJion was a complete mess & full of bugs. Company has modified features & fixes bugs – Jio4GVoice is now in beta mode.

How to make VoLTE Call in Non-VoLTE 4G Mobiles

Step 1: Download Jio4GVoice app from Google Play store and install.


Step 2: Once your start Jio4GVoice app for first time it will ask you to allow access to specific functions – These access are necessary while making HD Voice or Video calls or sending SMSs from the app .

If you are using Jio4GVoice app in 3g mobile then app will ask you to connect Jio WiFi network (JioFi, JioLink etc) at first.

Step 3: If Jio4GVoice asks you connect Jio WiFi or insert Jio 4G sim then either check whether you have properly inserted jio 4g sim in your 4g mobile or connect 3g mobile to Jio WiFi network created by JioFi or JioLink


Step 4: Now tap action link to start next process >


Step 5: Allows all access > App will send an SMS to registered Mobile Number (Alternate number for your Jio sim)


Step 6: Now, Enter OTP (One Time Password) in input field and tap ‘Proceed' button


Step 7: Allows further accesses to Ji4GVoice app as default SMS & Dialing app

Step 8: Now ‘Whitelist Jio4GVoice' app to avoid any incoming call drops > Tap ‘WHITELIST JIO$GVOICE'


Now tap yes once it aks for ‘Ignore Battery Optimization'


App will take few seconds to initialize settings and import contact & SMSs from existing Dialer & SMS applications.

Now your are ready to make VoLTE call in Non-VoLTE 4g phone.

Jio4GVoice app comes with all core features that regular Dialer app provides. You can dial number for Voice & Video calls directly using Jio4GVoice app, send SMS, block calls. customize background wallpaper etc.

Best feature of Jio4GVoice is simultaneously switching between Voice & Video calls without disconnecting ongoing call. You can also enable/disable Jio Voice service anytime using settings given in app.