JioTV Web – Watch JioTV Channels on Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

JioTV Web

Jio launches Web based JioTV service allowing users to watch JioTV on PC, Laptop using Web Browsers which means subscribers are now free from installing Emulator to watch JioTV Channels while using Internet browser in PC or Laptop even in SmarTV browser.

JioTV Web version allows Jio Sim users access supported HD & SD TV channels while using internet browser on Desktop or laptop basically where Jio failed to deliver TV applications.

JioTV Web version doesn't need any type of App installation – Just open JioTV link on Internet browser and you are ready to watch a number of subscribed TV channels.

Web-based JioTv services will definitely help force Ported subscribers to register an email based Jio profile which later allows Jio subscribers to gain direct access to JioTV for Desktop or laptop.

Web-based JioTV was an imminent service and now JioTV live on Desktop or Laptop. Experiences from both App based JioTV and Emulator based Jio TV were very rough and out of comfort to a great extent.

JioTV Web

Process to watch JioTV Live on Desktop or Laptop

JioTV Web now live for Jio numbers and you can follow steps below to watch JioTV live on your desktop or laptop using JioTv Web service.

  • Step 1: Visit : JioTV from Chrome or Safari or FireFox
  • Step 2: Click on any TV channel to watch and fill login details to sign in to service
  • Step 3: After successful login you will get full web-based JioTV interface similar to JioTV app installed in your smartphone.

Q: What is JioTV Web
A: JioTv Web is a web-based Live TV service which allows users to get access to TV channels comes free with JioTV subscription.

Q: What is JioTV Website
A: JioTV website is

Q: How many TV channels I can watch on JioTV Web
A: You can watch any Tv channels as per the Channels provided by JioTV subscription.

Q: How to Stream JioTV on Desktop or Laptop
A: Check and login using your Jio number to watch any TV channels anytime

Q: Where to download JioTV Web for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
A: No need to download any type of app to watch We based JioTV. Any system that support Internet browser can help you to watch Jio TV channels.

Q: How to Register Jio number for JioTV
A: You can download MyJio app from PlayStore or AppStore and connect Jio number with your mail id or, open and register Jio number when it asks for.

Q: What is charge for JioTV Web
A: As long as you subscriber to Jio Prime plan your are ready to watch JioTV on Web browsers. No more JioTV charge will be applied for now.

Q: What is price for JioTV Web monthly subscription
A: JioTV Web version is now live but Jio users won't be charged for getting access to JioTV Web. There are many live Tv services are available now and JioTV is going to become one of them shortly.

Q: How to Play JioTV Web on Mobile
A: You can download JioTV app on mobile to watch TV channels as long as you have Jio Prime subscription and valid 4G plan.

Q:Can I watch JioTv Web on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Aircel, RCOM Internet
A: Yes, You can as long as your Jio number has a valid subscription for JioTV, you can stream JioTV web channels using any type of Wireless & wired internet services.

Q: Can I watch JioTV Web using Local Broadband service
A: Yes you can, We've tested and It's working for now.

Q: Where to download JioTV for PC
A: We've already told you no need to download any type of TV app to watch Jio Tv channels

Q: How to watch JioTV Live
A: Open > Sign in to your Jio profile > Play any TV channels supported foe now.

Q: Can watch 4K channels on JioTV
A: JioTv now supports few SD & HD channels. 4K Tv Channels will become live once they are available. Better switch to NetFlix – Be sure to have a Wired Broadband service with at least 30mbps speed.

Q: JioTV Web is showing ‘Website under construction', What to do !
A: Developers seem little lazy ! Website will live after few minutes.

Q: Do In need to install PC Emulator to watch JioTV
A: After JioTv Web, you can watch JioTV channels live on your Desktop, Laptop without installing any type of emulator applications – JioTv Web is fully Web Browser dependant.

Q: Do I need to Chrome, Firefox or Safari to watch JioTV
A: You can install any of them or similar browser application to watch JioTv live on PC/laptop

Q: Can I watch JioTv live on Mac system
A: Yes, You can, Open jiotv url on Safari web browser and you are ready to watch.

Q: Can I watch JioTV on Ubuntu, Redhat, fedora, Mandriva etc.
A: Yes you can, as long as your system has a stable & latest Web browser application installed.

List of Reliance Jio 4G Supported MiFi, Dongle & WiFi Router


Reliance Jio 4g supported MiFi, dongle and WiFi Router allow uses to get access to 4G internet across multiple WiFi Enabled devices including Mobile, Tablet, Gaming Console, SmartTV etc. Jio customers can get seamless 4G access using MiFi with battery backup.

Jio 4G Sim will work in any WiFi Dongle or Data Card only after Preview Offer expires or it's already Device-Unlocked.

JioFi is official 4G MiFi Router worth Rs 1999 from Jio, which supports all three Jio 4G bands including B3, B5 & B40. Except LYF, users can select Jio supported 4G MiFi, Dongle or Routers to have same benefits but Voice may not work on 4g WiFi devices except JioFi.

List of Reliance Jio Supported 4G MiFi, Dongle & Routers

Before picking up any Jio 4G supported MiFi or Dongle or Router be sure to read following details

How to choose Best MiFi dongle for Jio 4G

What is 4G MiFi Router or MiFi Dongle

4G MiFi Router or MiFi Dongle is a ‘Mobile Hostspot device' with inbuilt WiFi Router. MiFi devices come with both Direct AC power & Battery backup variants. These are highly customization & easy to Use. For example : LYF JioFi, Huawei E8372 etc

What is 4G Dongle

4G dongle just like regular 3G data card without WiFi option and needs external power to work. Users need to plug into PC/MAC/Router to make it work – Users can use applications for sharing Internet over PC/Mac/Route WiFi. For example : Huawei E3372 4G Dongle

What is 4G WiFi Router

4G Router is nothing but WiFi enabled 4G Internet sharing device which needs external 4G dongle/modem to work with 4G network. It's available both USB/AC Power & Battery Power variants. 4G Router comes handy when advanced settings are urgent. For example : TPLink MR2030 4G WiFi Router

 List of Reliance Jio 4G Supported MiFi, Dongle & WiFi Router

ProductSpecsJio BandsPrice
LYF JioFi 4G MiFi Router
- 4G CAT4
- 31 Device support
- 2300 mAh battery
- 32GB SD Card
- Data sharing option
- WPS button
B3, B5, B40Rs 1999
Huawei E8372 4g MiFi Router
Huawei E8372 4g MiFi Router
- 4G Cat4
- 150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- 10 WiFi Device
- 150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- No battery backup
- SD Card Slot
- Data sharing option
- Dual WiFi antenna
B3, B40Rs 3200
Huawei E5573 4G MiFi Router
Huawei E5573 4G MiFi Router
- 4G Cat4
- 150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- 10 Device support
- 1500mAh battery backup
- 32GB SD Card
B3, B40Rs 2450
Huawei E3372 4G Dongle
Huawei E3372 4G Dongle
- 4G Cat4
- 150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- 10 WiFi Device
- No battery backup
- 2TB SD Card
- IPv4/IPv6
- Dual WiFi antenna
B3, B40Rs 3099
Huawei E8278 4G Dongle
Huawei E8278 4G dongle
- 4G Cat4
- 150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- 10 WiFi Device
- No battery backup
- SD Card
B3Rs 3299
TP-Link TL-MR3020 4G WiFi Router
TPLink TL-MR3020 4G WiFi Router
- Supports 120+ 3G/4G modems
- 150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- Any number of Device
- 2.4 ~2.4835Ghz WiFi Band
- USB/AC Power
- Advanced Router Setups
Depends on
Dongle /
Rs 1389
TP-LINK TL-MR3420 4G WiFi Router
TP-LINK TL-MR3420 4g router
- Supports 120+ 3G/4G modems
- 150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- Any number of Device
- 2.4 ~2.4835Ghz WiFi Band
- USB/AC Power
- Advanced Router Setups
Depends on
Dongle /
Rs 1957
D-Link 3G/4G WIFI Router
D-Link 3G/4G WIFI Router
- Support popular 3G/4G modems
- 300mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- Any number of Device
- USB/AC Power
- Advanced Router Setups
Depends on
Rs 1465
i-ball 4G + Wireless-N Router
i-ball 4G + Wireless-N Router
- Support popular 3G/4G modems
- 150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
- Any number of Device
- USB/AC & Battery option
- Advanced Router Setups
Depends on
Rs 1739

How to use Jio Sim in 4G Dongle

If you already own 4G dongle then simply insert Jio Sim into Dongle then Insert Dongle into PC/Mac and use 4G internet on PC/Mac anytime.

How to use 4G dongle to share Jio 4G over WiFi

If you own 4G dongle then insert Jio Sim in Dongle

Option 1:

  • Insert 4g Dongle into PC/Mac
  • Install app: mHotspot, OSToTo or Connectify (Recommended)
  • Turn on PC/Mac WiFi
  • Enable WiFi share in app

Option 2:

  • Buy TPLink or iBall 4G WiFi Router
  • Connect Router to AC/USB/Power bank
  • Insert 4G dongle into Router USB port
  • Use APN : jionet in Router
  • Configure Router for 4G Internet over WiFi

My Jio Sim is not working in 4G MiFi or Dongle

Be sure you have device-unlocked Jio 4G sim which means your Jio sim must overcome first 90 days period and working on other 4g mobiles except the 4g mobiles preview offer was bundled with.

Be sure dongle supports any of thee Jio bands (Band 3, 5, 40) and to use APN: jionet in 4G dongle.

 4G dongle support 4G band 3, 5, 40 but Jio Sim not working

If your band support any of Band 3, 5, 40 then you can use Jio sim in it but make sure adequate Signal on specific band is available to your location

Jio 4G speed Slow in 4G dongle

Most of the 4G dongle support LTE Band 40 which gives best 4g speed. If your 4G dongle supports Jio 4G Bands 3, 5 or 40 but speed is very slow that means your 4g dongles connects either Band 3 or 5 – Move it in place where Band 40 signal is available or manually select Band 40 via Dongle control panel.

How to switch 4G dongle RF Bands (3, 5, 40)

You can select any 4G band if Dongle control panel supports option to manually configure RF Bands otherwise move dongle to a position where Signal for Band 40 is strong.

Fix: Jio Tele-Verification SMS after successful Activation


Jio is sending Tele-Verification SMS to subscribers even after successful activation of 4G number – This issue is reported and true. Few of newly added Jio customers are having SMS with a request to complete tele-verification even they already have verified identity & activated number and enjoying unlimited Preview offer.

Jio Tele-Verification SMS after successful activation is not an issue. Customers already completed verification by dialing 1977 are free from doing another verification. Jio 4G users can simply fix this issue & stop further SMS requesting for identity verification.

How to fix Jio Tele-Verification SMS after successful activation

Complementary Voice & data service in Jio number will start working after successful verification of identity over 1977.  New Jio number users should immediately complete tele-verification to avoid similar SMS in future.

jio tele verification sms

And, Users having SMS for verification even after successful tele-verification can follow steps below to stop such sms from Jio in future.

First of all be sure you have activated Jio 90 days Preview offer (Before commercial launch) – You can check by visiting MyJio app & account info. Be sure 3 months complementary unlimited data, voice & SMS plan is activated & showing expiry date.

Now, All you need to do is just dial 1977 number from your Jio mobile number > Choose preferred language > Select Account/Identity verification option > Enter you mobile number > Now you will hear voice saying “Your Jio 4G number if already activated… ” > Disconnect the call.

Now you will never received SMS from Jio requesting for tele-verification . Jio is now on Beta phase – Due to sudden rise in demand system fails in few cases – According to Jio support center and issue will fix before Jio commercial launch.

Tele-Verification SMS doesn't bar you from using preview offer freebie usage but you can simply assure system and avoid similar SMS from Jio in future.

Jio offers 2GB 4G data, 100 Mins call & 100 SMS under Preview offer


Jio offers just 2GB 4g data, 100 mins call & 100 SMS to 4g customers under Preview offers for few days.  LYF phone & Jio Sim combo offers unlimited 4g data, HD calls & SMS for three months – Due to heavy demand of Jio 4g mobile combo offer & lack of sufficient experts , New 4g Preview offer activation get delayed day-by-day fr every new customers.

Many new Jio customers are complaining their disappointment on activation of 4G Preview offer aka unlimited 4g downloading offer.  People bought LYF+ Jio Sim combo offer thinking they could get unlimited service from fast day while truth is it needs further official document verification & plan activation in back-end.

Well, problem is not demand but problem is hope.

Jio now only operator who offers wide network coverage & obviously true high-speed internet @ Cheap Pricing  Speed is much faster than any other existing 4g operators compared to pricing & data usage.

Coming to the point, Jio 2gb 4g data, 100 Mins call & 100 SMS seems a fault or misuse of FRC (First Recharge Coupon) or any other official issue but it doesn't change in offering provided by Jio Preview scheme – Unlimited 4g data + Unlimited HD calls & SMS.

Q: What to do next as my Jio account shows 2GB 4G data, 100 Mins call & 100 SMS ?

Due to huge demand, activation of Jio Preview offer got delayed but It will activate shortly.

If you found anything as stated in following app then please keep patient.

jio prevoew offer activation problem

Your Jio Preview offer will be activated in few hours/days after Tele Verification.

Q: I have completed Tele Verification but still didn't get Jio unlimited offer !

If you spend few days in waiting then you have two option to complete for having service activated in few hours.

  1. Visit to Jio Store and ask them to solve your problem
  2.  Just shoot a mail to with complete details

First option is better – Make sure to visit Jio store from which you bought LYF device+ Jio Sim.

Fix Jio 2GB data problem & Activate Unlimited offer in minute

Simple solution working for many people, you can try to activate unlimited access.

Method 1: (LYF mobile)

  1. Make sure LYF handset is turned off
  2. Put Jio sim in 2nd sim-slot and wait 2 or 3 minutes
  3.  Now turn on mobile and wait at least 1 minute
  4. Turn off mobile
  5. Now put Jio sim in 1st sim-slot of LYF handset
  6. Turn on mobile and wait few seconds
  7. You will get configuration message.
  8. Now you have successfully activated Jio Preview offer
  9. Check your account information for confirmation

Method 2: (Any 4G mobile)

If above method failed to work for you then follow steps below:

Remember: Do not Turn on mobile data until Steps ask to enable.

  1. Connect your mobile to WiFi Internet
  2. Go to and sign up using your Jio No & mail you've given Jio Store employee during Sim Activation
  3.  Download MyJio v3.2.05 app and install
  4. Go to settings > App > MyJio > Tap ‘CLEAR DATA'
  5. Open MyJio app and ‘Install All' app one-by-one
  6. Once installations complete > Close all background apps
  7. Disconnect mobile from WiFI Internet for now
  8. Open MyJio app > Now open MyJio dashboard by taping ‘Open' link on right side
  9. You will get 3 options on ‘MyJio front page': Get Jio Sim, Sign in and Sign up
  10. Tap on ‘Get Jio Sim' button
  11. You will see ‘No Internet Connection' – leave the page as it is
  12. Now, Turn on Jio mobile data and,
  13. Go back to ‘No Internet Connection' page in MyJio dashboard
  14. Tap back button to go back to ‘MyJio front page'
  15. ### (If you get ‘Update' app pop-up message then very quickly complete Step 14 & 16)
  16. Select ‘Sign in' and login using your Jio ID (Just created in Step 2)
  17. After signing in wait for 20 seconds, you will have a pop-up message saying: ‘Install apps and get Jio Preview Offer', apps including Jio Play, JioOnDemand, Jio Beats & Jio Money and a ‘Submit' button
  18.  Tap ‘Submit' button only
  19. In seconds you will get MyJio dashboard with details like : “Enjoy Jio Preview Offer Complementary Unlimited access to Digital life till …(Date)”
  20. You have successfully activated Jio Preview Offer for 90 days.

Sudden rise in demand of Jio Preview offer made Jio Team little busy but failure of such simple activation just before commercial launch would definitely make people disappoint since a big wave of activation gonna come just after commercial launch & how can Jio handle those many activation of plans, pack &  services !

Vodafone new Unlimited GPRS pack 148 with FUP in speed

Vodafone India brings new Unlimited Internet pack 148 for its 2G prepaid subscribers. Now unlimited browse social networking site and download up to 2GB with Vodafone news GPRS pack.

Whats new in GPRS 148 pack

With new 2G internet plan MRP of Rs.148, enjoy downloading and surfing unlimited up to 2GB with out any FUP in speed.

Post 2GB, internet speed will be limited to only 40kbps.

Subscribers can download and upload unlimited up to last date of voucher's validity with only 40kbps speed.

Indian telecom operators are following themselves one by one, mainly Airtel,Idea and Vodafone.

Recently Airtel and Idea launched exactly same offer in various telecom circles.

vodafone gprs pack
Airtel: Airtel new Unlimited 2G Internet at Rs.149

Idea:  Idea new Unlimited GPRS plan 149

Vodafone new GPRS plan is available across India for all Vodafone prepaid customers

Following list contains the price of Vodafone unlimited gprs pack price
Note: Max 2G internet speed valid up to 2GB, Post limit speed will be 40kbps.

Andhra Pradesh
Bonus Card 185

Bonus Card 148

Bihar & Jharkhand
Bonus Card 198

Chennai &  Tamilnadu
Bonus Card 148

Bonus Card 201

Bonus Card 198

Himachal Pradesh
Bonus Card 197

Jammu & Kashmir
Bonus Card 145

Bonus Card 199

Bonus Card 196

Bonus Card 199

Bonus Card 198

Bonus Card 194

UP (E)
Bonus card 198

UP (W)
Bonus Card 199

West Bengal
Bonus Card 198

MTNL new Pay per Second STV14 with longer validity


Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited today announces a new Pay per Seconds plan for Delhi customers.

MTNL decreases the price of existing plan STV45 and, introduces a new Special Tariff Voucher worth Rs 14 under pay per seconds plan. This will be implemented with the effect from 15.09.2012.

With news STV14 call through MTNL Network @ 1/2 paisa per seconds and Other Local Network & STD @ 1 paisa per seconds.SMS charges remain the same as Local-Intra N/W 10p and Local-Other N/W 25p.

Both the Pay per Second STVs of Rs. 45/- and Rs. 14/- will continue in parallel.Customers with existing STV45 will continue same benefits and can recharge MTNL number with STV14 after end of the validity of  STV45.
MTNL now stop the printing of Pay per Second 45 STV.

MTNL Delhi STV14

All other Terms and Conditions of Pay per Second 14 STV will remain the same as Pay per Second STV45.