MTNL Mumbai to Bid Super Premium or Premium Landline Number


MTNL Mumbai today announce to bid for Super Premium and Premium Landline numbers.“Premium Number” means the special category of telephone numbers belonging to the Company, posted for bidding and sale.

The Premium Number auction is available only for the Customers (above 18 years if individuals) who shall subscribe for new landline connection or change their existing landline number through MTNL Mumbai website and not available for foreign nationals

The bid for a Premium Number shall be subject to Base price, as determined by the Company and therefore the bid of a Customer cannot be below the Base price. Every bid, except the first bid, shall be for the incremental amount than the earlier highest bid.

MTNL Landline Number BID


Steps for Bidding

1) Go to link:

2) Please move the cursor to the row in which you decide to bid.

3) Click on the link “Click Here” which is mentioned against the number.

4) If you have not registered for premium number bidding then, an option link is given for registration, which after clicking leads to the registration site

MTNL Super Premium Number


Follow the steps given below to fullfil registration

Registration Process

1) Please enter Name, Address, PAN card, Contact number, Email ID, Desired password and Accept the Terms and Conditions.

2) The email you have entered will be the username and the password you have given will be the password for the login.

MTNL Premium Number

Follow the steps to Login

Login Process

1)Enter the main page given for bidding.

2)Click the bidding option “Click Here” against the number you wish to bid.

3)Login to the page.(Vide Registration Process, Login will be your email which you have registered and the password will be the one you have given while registration)

4)You will be taken to a page which shows the base price and the last bid price.

5)Your User credentials will also be shown in the page.

6)Enter the bidding price .Please note that the bidding price should be greater than the base price and greater than the last bid price if someone has already done bidding for the number.

7)After entering the digits, your bidding value will be accpted.

8)Bid for a particular number will remain open on the website for 15 days from the date on which the first bidding has been done for the particular number.

9)The highest bidder will be allotted the selected number and intimated to the above registered email ID. The customer has to book a landline for his premises with the above allotted number along with the payment of his successful bid amount, at his nearest Customer Service Centre, within 3 working days, excluding the day of bidding. Failing the payment of the bid amount in this stipulated time by the customer will render the bid invalid.

10)Minimum jump above the previous bid price should be Rs. 1000/- for the next higher bid amount.